Health Moment: Apps That Help With Seasonal Allergies

Health Moment: Apps That Help With Seasonal Allergies

Suffering from allergies is no fun. There are some days when you just can’t seem to be able to leave your bedroom for the sneezing and wheezing that pollen and other allergy triggers can cause.

Cope with having allergies better by using mobile technology to help. There are a lot of apps created with allergy sufferers in mind, apps that can alert them to potential bad days and things they can do to alleviate their allergy symptoms. Here are a few apps you should check out if allergies have you dreading going outside.

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Health Moment: Apps That Help With Seasonal Allergies
Image from Weather Live Free

Get Ahead of Your Allergies By Using the Weather Live Free App

You may be wondering what a weather app can do for your allergies, but the weather is one of the biggest factors during allergy season: rain can knock all of the pollen to the ground, saving you from allergy attacks, but wind can carry pollen miles, depositing those troublesome spores right at your doorstep.

Using this Android app for current weather, you can always know what to expect every day. Not only will it show you the current temperature and precipitation levels, it will give you the wind speed and direction, so you know if the pollen will be bad that day or not.

The app also boasts a weather radar that’s constantly updated, so you can see any weather fronts near your area. Finally, the app comes with a home screen widget that allows you to see all of the information without even opening the app.

Health Moment: Apps That Help With Seasonal Allergies
Image from Med Helper Pill Reminder

Reduce Symptoms From Allergies Using Med Helper Pill Reminder

This app is great for people who take different medicines and sometimes have trouble keeping track of them.

You can set alarms and reminders for when you need to take each medicine, which is great if there are several different allergy pills you take on a regular basis. You simply input the information of the medicine — the name, the Rx number, the instructions and side effects — and then you create a schedule for each medicine.

The app will count the pills as you go and alert you when it’s close to needing to be refilled. You can also input your doctor’s contact information for quick retrieval in case of an emergency. If you have bad allergies and take a couple of different medicines for them, this app can help out tremendously.

Image from Web MD

Cope with Allergies Better By Using the Web MD App

Web MD has been around for years, helping people manage their symptoms and illnesses, and it’s also a great app for people who suffer from allergies.

The app will give you helpful information on fighting allergies and what you can do to help yourself become less susceptible to bad allergy seasons. If you aren’t sure what you’re allergic to, you can input your symptoms and the app can give you a diagnosis, which may better help you control your allergic outbreaks.

There are tons of apps that can help your manage your seasonal allergies. Try one today and see if you can stop all of your sneezing and go out into the world!

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