Don’t Forget: Today May 9th is the Stamp Out Hunger Food Drive

May 9 2015 Is STAMP OUT HUNGER DAY. Leave a donation in your mailbox.

We can all do something to help someone else. Unfortunately, even in our very own communities, there are people who go hungry and miss meals. We often think about children in America who may not get enough to eat, but there are also many elderly people whose fixed income is not enough to sustain them.

How Can You Help?

The Post Office has made this drive very easy. Please leave a non-perishable donation by your mailbox prior to your regular mail delivery for your Letter Carrier to pick up and deliver to your local food bank or pantry to help Stamp Out Hunger! Their website reports that “As of 2009, 50 million Americans have lived in food-insecure homes.”

Where Can you Find Out More Information?

Learn more from the National Association of Letter Carriers (NALC):

MAY 9, 2015 is STAMP OUT HUNGR DAY across the nation.

Something to keep in mind: If your donation is not picked up, contact your local post office or simply place your donation by your mailbox on Monday instead. 

You may also contact your state’s food drive coordinator

What Should You Donate?

Donate items such as canned meats, fish, soup, juice, vegetables, pasta, cereal, peanut butter, and rice.

Are Their Restrictions to What Can Be Donated?

Yes! DO NOT INCLUDE expired items or glass containers. 

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