Movie Review: ‘A Long Way Down’

A Long Way Down blog reviewFans of the popular British writer Nick Hornby are sure to enjoy the movie adaptation of his book ‘A Long Way Down’. This is one of the new DVD releases that are among the collection of latest movies for the family. The movie stars are: Pierce Brosnan along with Toni Collette, Imogen Poots and Aaron Paul. The movie is about four misfits who meet by chance on the rooftop of a London building named Topper House on New Year’s Eve.

The Plot for ‘A Long Way Down’

The main characters are an unlikely group who have all decided to end their lives on the same night. After meeting, the foursome, who comprise a television presenter involved in a very public sex scandal, an offbeat teenager, a musician and a frustrated single mother, form an alliance. They decide to meet regularly to find ways to help each other to turn their lives around. However, if things do not improve after six weeks, they will return to their original plan of jumping from the roof of Topper House.

Each of the characters in this dark comedy comes complete with their own demons and traits that really make them stand out. Director Pascal Chaumeil is able to help Pierce Brosnan and Toni Collette create spellbinding moments of pure human emotion, which are offset by comedy and intense drama. Jack Thorne’s screenplay is true to Nick Hornby’s book, while providing extra dimension to a few of the scenes to help them sizzle.

‘A Long Way Down’ is a Visual Heart-warming Adventure

One of the great things about this movie is that it is impossible to predict from minute to minute what will happen next. The audience is taken on an emotional ride as they characters take a series of wrong turns that appear to make their lives even more complicated. It is not revealed until the very last moment whether the agreement has been successful or if the characters will face the long way down from Topper’s Tower as they originally planned.

It’s a Family Flick

‘A Long Way Down’ is without doubt one of the new DVD releases that should not be missed. The whole family are sure to enjoy following the vibrant main characters and watch as they try to fix each other’s problems and discover new reasons for living. Despite its seemingly morbid topic, this turns out to be a real feel good movie that people of all ages are sure to love.

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