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Support Hero Life by purchasing t-shirts to help families with loved ones suffering from rare diseases.

It’s with great pleasure that I share news about a new charitable organization, which exists to help people living with rare diseases. I love to hear about people giving back and making a difference. Hero Life recently launched and I wish them much success in the future as they wish to make a great impact in the lives of people living with rare diseases. This community organization helps raise money to support patients in need by donating the profits from t-shirt purchases. There are many families and communities that need help, learn more about Hero Life and support this selfless cause!


Introducing Hero Life – A new opportunity for the children affected by rare diseases

Hero Life provides useful resources and fundraising opportunities for families who have children affected by rare diseases

Hero Life announces the official launch of http://oneherolife.com/, a website dedicated to creating a community of heroes that support the individuals and families impacted by the challenges of a rare disease. Rare disease patients and their families can create Hero Campaigns to increase awareness and raise funds to face the numerous challenges of a life-altering condition. Hero Life will design exclusive campaign products such as T-Shirts and tote bags that can be purchased in order to support the person or organization that launched the campaign with medical research, technology devices, treatment, travel assistance and medical equipment.  

Hero Life will offer numerous tools to promote campaigns and will use its own resources to create Hero Life is a Charity that helps the rare disease community through charity, compassion and awareness.awareness for all ongoing campaigns. The community support will enable individuals living with a rare disorder to have increased accessibility to much needed medical and assistive technology devices. 

In the US, a disease is considered rare when it affects less than 200,000 Americans at any given time. When considered together, rare diseases account for 30,000,000 Americans.To make matters even worse, when a child suffers from a rare disease, life expectancy drops considerably. Around 30% of children with a rare disease die before the age of five, according to The European Society of Paediatric Oncology.

Hero Life at its fundamental existence is the evidence of a very purposeful agenda to raise awareness for the rare disease community after learning my children are trait carriers of a rare disease. Before my children, I was unaware of my genetics. I created Hero Life as an extension of my pursued research about the rare disease community and the many challenges faced and as an extension of the conversations I was having about my new awareness. I believe and have seen the power of community heroes and wished to cultivate an online space that infused compassion, charity and awareness, uniquely. It is my hope that you will join our hero community movement!” Jai, Hero Life Founder

Dedicated to increasing social media awareness and building a community of heroes, Hero Life is offering a chance to win a Hero Life crew T-Shirt to 12 people that want to be part of a positive change in the lives of rare disease patients. More information about the giveaway can be found on the blog: http://oneherolife.com/blog/category/hero-campaigns/.

About Hero Life

We are a few passionate and purposeful folks with the simple belief that people want to be a part of a community that shows interest in others and give to a specific cause. Our cadre of heroes consists of individuals and caregivers that are affected by a rare disorder and the many challenges that are faced.

We are dedicated to increasing social media awareness and building a community of heroes that support the individuals and families impacted by the challenges of a life-altering condition.

For more information about Hero Life or interview requests, please contact:

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