How to Enter A Giveaway Tools Contest

I host giveaways regularly so that my readers will be able to receive something free that they see and hear about on Cleverly Changing. Who doesn’t like freebies? I do, so I try to keep them going regularly.

From time-to-time, my readers see I am hosting a giveaway and they are not sure how to enter. This post is to help you be able to  use an automated Giveaway Tool, which is the little box called a widget. I use Giveaway Tools, which helps me choose the winners randomly. This process keeps me honest and my integrity high. It also makes it easier to keep track of all of the entries so everyone that enters will have an equal chance of winning.

Most blogs require a full-time commitment but are unpaid volunteer logs.

Most blogs are done voluntarily, so by entering and following the blogger and blog you are ensuring that their numbers, views, and participation stays high so brands and PR firms will contact them about future opportunities so that their giveaways will continue to get better. Following by subscribing and keeping in contact through other social networks will also help the blogger be able to monetize their blog so they can occasionally get money for their efforts.

How to enter a giveaway using Giveaway Tools (GT).

If you are not sure how to enter a giveaway please follow the guidelines below.

  1. Enter your email and your name. (This is so I will be able to contact you so I can send you your prize).
  2. Press the two blue arrows on the side to confirm that you have entered the information.

How to enter a Giveaway Tools (GT) giveaway

Why is commenting important?

99% of my giveaways will ask my readers to leave a comment. Why comment? To run and maintain a blog takes a lot of time, and letting the blogger know that you are reading tells them in a FREE way that you appreciate the content he or she is sharing. So, if you are reading a blogger’s post, it’s important to let the person know. Your comment can be short, but use at an opportunity to affirm or express your opinion regarding the person’s blog.

Leave a comment - How to enter blog giveaways


On my blog you can leave a comment two ways, through Facebook or through the traditional commenting section.

Commenting - How to enter blog giveaways

Complete as many entries as you would like, the more you complete, the better your chances of winning. For each confirmed entry you will see a checkmark that confirms your entry.

Confirm entry - How to enter giveaway through Giveaway Tools - GT


Then you continue to follow the instructions until you are done.

Giveaway Tools Instructions


If you ever experience problems with a bloggers giveaway or you notice and error, contact them to let them know so that the problem can be corrected.
Thanks, and please feel free to let me know (in the comment section) if you find this information helpful.

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