Mom Break – Confessions of a Traveling Mom

There were days when I dreamed of taking a mom break, I never thought about following through and making my break a become a reality.  However, as days waned on I realized I needed a few days where I could hear myself think and reflect on my life thus far. I went to my husband and shared with him my desire to take a vacation, alone, in order to have some quality time with myself. Reluctantly, he agreed. I love my family immensely; in fact, after I booked my trip, I had butterflies in my stomach from anxiety about leaving them behind. But in my heart I new now was the best time for me to take a journey for self-reflection.

My husband and I traveled together to drop our children off with my family who watched them while I traveled. We enjoyed each other before I gathered all of my courage, brushed away my fears and boarded a plane bound for Hawaii. A sense of relief swept over me, I welcome this ten-day trip to connect spiritually and emotionally.

My desire to accomplish a few of my personal dreams was now in full effect after many years of uneasy complacency. While on-board the plane for my 10 hour flight, I took time to reflect on my most recent accomplishments. I then began to draft my plans for taking new steps to achieve future goals.

Here are a list of my reflections:

  1. In order to succeed, let go of complacency
  2. Master what you do best
  3. Iron-out character flaws
  4. Encourage and uplift others
  5. Determine your own motivators
  6. Identify and start achieving life goals
  7. Step out on faith and go for it
  8. Traveling is best when it’s a firsthand experience
  9. Dreams aren’t just for mental pictures, they make great photographs.
  10.  Life is meant to be enjoyed

While away, I have realized, that when you life your entire life caters to others, you will never find joy. Being able to take a mom destination to enjoy life is very important to make sure that the current life I am living aligns with the dreams I have for myself. Self is not a dirty word; instead is important for us to be aware of our own personal needs as a mom so we can achieve a balanced life and give our family our love at it’s best.

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Mom break vacation to Hawaii

Mom break,Hononlulu Hawaii #travelCleverly

Mom beak, a time for reflection #TravelCleverly

Mom beak, a time for reflection #TravelCleverly




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