Finance Friday: How to Plan a Virtual Baby Shower

In a world where technology is king and almost all devices contain a camera, we can’t teleport, but we can be in more than one place at a time. Are you a relative or a friend that cannot make a loved one’s baby shower because the location is out of reach or because of a different reason. Although you physically can’t be in the same room, would you like to share the joy and relish in the moments of being with your loved one on their baby shower day. Well, in this new age, I encourage you to plan a virtual baby shower.

Virtual showers are perfect for grandparents who may not physically be able to fly across country at a moments notice, but would like to lend their support.

Where do you start?

First, answer these questions: (Who, What, When, and Where?)

  • WHO – Who will attend at the baby shower, both in-person and/at a secondary location.
  • WHAT – Do you want your guests to feel like you’re actually there? Do you want the lady of honor who is having the baby to communicate with you on that date? If so, how much communication is desired?
  • WHEN – Set a Date that is convenient for most guests. The virtual baby shower can run simultaneously with the in-person baby shower or it can run at a different time. Both have their advantages.
  • WHERE – Are you willing to have a secondary location where you plan to decorate and report to the primary location virtually? How intimate do you want the virtual shower to be. Do you want it to be family only, friends only, etc?
  • HOW – How do you want to communicate with guests at the primary location? Do you want  to have all the bells and whistles of a shower at both location this includes decor, food, family, etc? If so, set a budget for all locations involved. Do you have a specific agenda in mind? What impression do you want guests to leave with after the shower is over?

Can you make it happen?

(For the sake of this blog post, I will mainly focus on planning a virtual/digital shower that will correspond on the same day as the person’s primary baby shower.)

Who will be there? – Create a guest list just as you would for a traditional shower. Send invitations electronically or paper copies (Paper copies are often keepsakes for people who scrapbook so don’t overlook tangible invitations). (Download a Guest RSVP Template here)

What tools will you use to make it happen?

Digital platform options – SKYPE, Google Hangout, Facetime, Zoom Cloud Meetings, etc.

  • Decide what equipment is available at both locations, an iPad is ideal.
  • You will also need to have an internet connection at both locations.

The best part about the digital options is that you can usually record them for free. Check Web Video Chefs tutorial on How to Record a Video Interview with SKYPE.

Before the big day. Do a test remote live video feed at both locations. Make sure all digital designated people know how to run the electronic equipment and feel comfortable moving around the room with the device. Test early, so you will know if any additional provisions need to be made. Make sure that the digital guests will have a clear view of the guest of honor (the mother-to-be).

Where will the baby shower take place?

Choose a primary and secondary convenient location for the guests. Decorate on the day of, it’s important for the secondary location to have some decorations to make the guests feel more involved with the experience. At the secondary location the decor can be simple like balloons and a decorated table, but the space where the video is streaming live should indicate why the gathering is taking place. Have a baby focused theme for both locations and provide food or appetizers that all guests can enjoy.

Set the agenda?

If grandparents and relatives are involved with this digital experience it is very important to find out what their expectations are beforehand. This is important with most of your guests, but especially important with grandparents because they may not be as comfortable with a digital experience of this kind. In order to find out what they expect, please feel free to ask them what they would like to communicate to the guest of honor. Then brainstorm ways you can make this happen.

Be sure to plan the agenda with the person in charge of the festivities at the primary location so that both showers run smoothly together.


All baby shower gifts should be sent to the primary location with the exception of Trust Funds and new accounts. Those at the secondary location who are at a loss for what to provide, should be encourages to contribute to a joint gift card, which then can be presented during the shower and sent electronically to the recipient. Places like and Buy Buy Baby are great electronic stores that can provide deep discounts for parents so considering provided the parents a gift card to one of these stores.

Make sure there is a keepsake for the guests to sign, which can be sent to the parents to be.

Take Away

Enjoy! After all is said and done, the guest of honor should feel loved and supported. If you have any questions about planning a digital baby shower, please feel free to leave a comment in the comment section.

Also here are a few extra tips I want to share with you, 5 steps to save and have a fabulous baby shower.

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