Tips for Getting Ready to Transition from Fall to Winter

At this point, summer feels as if it is a world away. Fall is in full swing through much of the country, and many – particularly in the Northeast –  are already starting to make preparations for the winter. Transitioning from one season to another can be a trying experience, especially once cold air, icy conditions and frosty mornings come into play. Even the most temperate parts of the country are subject to frigid weather throughout the winter, and most people can agree that days such as these can be rather unpleasant.

Transitioning from fall into winter isn’t always easy, and it doesn’t have to be excessively difficult . Keep the following tips in mind and enjoy a smooth transition from the colors of fall into the cool, cozy nights of winter.

Market, LucerneTips on How to Eat Seasonally

There’s no better way to connect yourself with the season than to eat according to what is available in your area. Seasonal and local cuisine are trends that have all but taken over the culinary world as of late, and for good reason – it’s the most natural approach to dining available.

Eating seasonally during the winter is a bit more difficult for many Americans than it is to do so in the spring and summer. Cold climates like the Northeast, are often restricted to root vegetables, hearty greens and other types of frost-shielded produce. Still, eating seasonally is a healthy and fun alternative to grabbing an imported box of berries when it’s 20 degrees outside. It will not only help to get you into the mood for winter, but will force you to inject some creativity into your cooking.

GardenTipsTips on How to Prep Your Garden for the Cold

Anyone who is passionate about his/her garden knows how much joy the act of gardening can bring, which is why it’s so important to prepare a plot for the winter months. Wintering your lawn and garden is easier than most people realize.

Start by repairing any damage from the summer/fall by pruning (carefully), mulching and eventually covering the plot. Since you’ll want to transplant your trees and shrubs, now is the time to make any last editions to your garden before winter sets in – there are still fruit trees for sale in many parts of the country!

Finally, be sure to attend to any water features you might have in or near your garden (ponds, waterfalls) and shut everything down for the year.

WinterTipsTips on How to Practice Mindfulness

In theory, mindfulness is a very simple concept. In practice, however, most people find it to be elusive and quite difficult to stick to. Mindfulness involves paying full attention to what is happening around you in a given moment, forgetting about the past or future.

Practicing this and allowing yourself to let thoughts float away the moment they enter your head is an excellent way to connect with the seasons, and what better time to do so than during the transition from fall into winter? Pay attention to the air as it becomes cool and crisp, and take in any smells or other sensations that you associate with winter. It’s exceptionally easy to fall off track when trying to practice mindfulness, but the solution is to simply correct yourself in a non-judging way.

It’s fair to say that a lot of people would prefer to skip over winter, but the truth is it can be a beautiful, relaxing season if your head is in the right place. Take the time to make sure that your transition from fall to winter is smooth, and you can enjoy the finer points of the season.


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