8 Ways Motherhood Changed Me

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Guest Post Bio: Not long ago, Heather Hopson hosted a television show in the Cayman Islands. Today, she’s back home writing a different kind of story as a new mom for her new blog Diary of a First Time Mom (www.diaryofafirsttimemom.com) Heather is also a regular contributor for Kidville’s Voices from the Ville and Black and Married with Kids, where she pens a column called The Single Life. You can follow her journey through motherhood on Twitter @dearmomdiary.

Motherhood changed me. Mostly for the better. I’m happier, healthier and more motivated than ever. You might be hesitant to change for your man, your mother, or your friend, but a small baby will inspire you to make big changes. Ones that tend to make life much simpler. Yes, at times, being a mommy is a hectic, crazy job, but that makes you appreciate the calm, quiet moments that are few and far between.  Over the past year, I’ve changed 8 things in my life.

I’m no longer a pill popper.

Before I became a mother, I would pop a pill to ease aches and pains. While pregnant and later breastfeeding, I stocked up on disposable heating pads, made herbal teas and followed my own mother’s advice from childhood, “Go to bed. You’ll feel better in the morning.”

I’m a safer driver.

As a new mom, I won’t answer the phone, send a text message or check my email with my baby on board. I pay close attention to my speedometer and check over my shoulder before switching lanes. I never let my gas gage fall below a quarter of a tank and no longer roll on fumes and a prayer.

I wear less makeup.

When I worked as a television host, I applied a full face of makeup each morning—usually in the car! Add that to the list of things I no longer do! Now, I wear minimal makeup. I am comfortable in my skin, with or without cosmetics.

I wear a ponytail to work.

In the past, I would gasp and clutch the pearls at the thought of slicking my hair back into a ponytail in public. I sported a short Halle Berry haircut that took at least 20 minutes to style. Now, I can get ready (take shower, put in contacts, apply makeup, get dressed) in that amount of time! I can pull my hair into a ponytail if I’m running an errand or running late to work. I still refuse to wear mommy jeans, but the ponytail is a part of my new look. Lazy? Oh no! Classic!

I spend less time ironing clothes.

Since I spend more time getting my daughter dressed than I do myself, I now shop for wrinkle free clothing. Last week, I received the most compliments in my life when I wore my favorite Macy’s INC dress to work. Everywhere I went someone told me how good I looked or asked where I bought my outfit. I thanked them and told them I wore the dress, because I didn’t have to iron it!

I’m a cheap date.

I was never a heavy drinker, but I could throw back a couple shots without tipping over. After trading in mojitos for milk, my alcohol tolerance fell faster than the stock exchange. I can no longer handle more than three drinks, max. I also babysit my glass for hours. The ice melts, and the drink weakens.

I weigh less.

A lot less. I’m back to my high school weight. I constantly burn off the calories chasing my daughter. And last year, breastfeeding was my Slim fast.

I am a stronger person.

As a single mom, I become stronger everyday—both physically and mentally. I carry a baby and car seat in one hand and grocery bags in the other without struggling or complaining. I assemble cribs, high chairs and play pens without assistance. In the past, I asked for help carrying my bags or putting furniture together. I no longer devote hours to tears or anger. Don’t get me wrong. I still cry at times. Just recently, I teared up when I got into a car accident and received a big repair bill. But then I smiled. It could have been worse. I didn’t go to the hospital, and my daughter wasn’t in the car. When I got home and spread out on bed, my little one walked over and kissed me! Her little lips wiped every tear away! I realized that my problems aren’t that big in the grand scheme of things, and that I have to continue to trust in God, my supplier. He always ensures every bill is paid on time, including my splurges.

READER QUESTION: How has motherhood changed you?  Did becoming a mom make you a better person?

This guest post was shared with us from Heather Hopson. Thanks so much. We can all relate! At the end of each night, motherhood leaves me amazed and speechless. In my mind I ponder, only with God can I help mold my young women in to who they should become.


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