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Many times, I have shared that the greatest gift I have been ever given is my children. Oh, how I love my girls. When I heard about Maddy’s story, I was deeply moved, at such a young age she posses courage and strength well beyond her little years. As a parent of young children Maddy’s age, my heart and prayers pour our to her family.

Three year old Madison “Maddy” Garrett was diagnosed with Stage IV neauroblastoma a few months ago.  She is a beautiful little girl that continues to have a promising future ahead of her. Even though cancer is within Maddy’s body, she is already touching many lives in a very meaningful way.

What is Neauroblastoma?

According to the American Cancer Society “Neuroblastoma is a form of cancer that starts in certain types of very early forms of nerve cells found in an embryo or fetus. (The term neuro refers to nerves, while blastoma refers to a cancer that affects immature or developing cells). This type of cancer occurs in infants and young children. It is rarely found in children older than 10 years” Source

Maddy has begun chemotherapy, and her family is optimistic and full of hope. You can read Maddy’s story on their website: I cannot begin to imagine what the Garrett family is going through, but I can do my part to share their story and donate to help alleviate a small portion of their financial obligations.

Photo courtesy of Richard Gordon

Donate to Maddy Wagon Inc.,

This Winter please donate to Maddy Wagon Inc., a 501(c)3 non-profit, which was created to help the Garrett family with Maddy’s medical expenses, your donation would be greatly appreciated.

Donate Leave hours

Maddy’s mom, Brandi, needs leave hours. If you or someone you know can donate hours, please follow the instructions below.

Fill out form OPM630B

Part A pertains to and is to be completed by the Leave Donor,

Here is the information for Box 10 which asks for information about the recipient.
Brandi Garrett
US Department of State
Washington DC 20520

Part B is to be completed by the employing agency of the Leave Donor. Please use the information about the recipient, Brandi, and send to her HR Rep:
Swati Limaye via fax 703-812-2334 or email Ms. Limaye’s information should also go in Box 14a of Section B.

Thank you so much!!!

Photo courtesy of Richard Gordon.


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