5 Tips to Take the Hassle Out of Moving


Moving to a new home or location is a majorevent in a person’s life that can also generate a lot of stress. Trying to keep up with belongings, arrange for transportation and pack up items can all add up to a serious hassle. However, there are several things that a person can do in order to eliminate many of the burdens that are associated with moving. Therefore, the following suggestions are offered in order to help anyone who is facing a move to create a more enjoyable moving experience for everyone who will be involved:

  1. Make a List – Keeping up with items is one of the more challenging parts of moving. For this reason, a person should make a list of the important items that they will be moving. Then, they should mark the items as they are packed in order to provide a resource for tracking them down once they reach their final destination.

    My Moving "To Do" list
    My Moving “To Do” list (Photo credit: Beth77)
  2. Have Plenty of Packing Supplies – Having to stop packing in order to find more boxes or packing tape can be a serious annoyance that can take up valuable time on moving day. Therefore, it is important to have more packing supplies that a person thinks they need. Often, it is surprising how many boxes it will take to move even a small household’s worth of belongings.

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  3. Plan for Storage Options – Many times, a person will need a place to store their belongings during a move. Whether a person needs long-term storage for large items while moving to a smaller home, or they just need a safe place to store a few things, self storage units can be the ideal place to keep them while moving. Storage units, such as those at Uncle Bob’s self storage, offer both small and large units that are secure and climate-controlled so that items will be kept safe.

    Soft Focus Monthly Storage Facility
    Soft Focus Monthly Storage Facility (Photo credit: Michael Kappel)
  4. Keep Important Documents Together – Even in the most organized moves, it is possible for items to become temporarily lost. For this reason, it is important to keep important documents together in a location that a person can easily access. It is best to avoid sending these documents with the movers. Therefore, a person should place them in a folder or lock box and transport them in the car to the new location.

    A fire-resistant home safe
    A fire-resistant home safe (Photo credit: Wikipedia)
  5. Pack an Essentials Box – For each member of the household, a box should be packed with the items that they need to get through the moving day. Having medications, personal care items and clothing to get through the first day and night can eliminate any frantic searching through boxes upon arrival to the new home. If children will be involved in the move, then it can be helpful to also include comfort items, such as toys and coloring books, to keep them occupied on moving day.

Moving day hassles can easily be eliminated by planning and organizing the move beforehand. By creating a plan to keep track of important items while keeping them safe, a person can effectively move their items to storage or the new location in a way that will be organized and efficient.

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