Faith Davis: A Woman Who Shines, Inspires, and Uplifts #WomenWhoShine

Social Workers are advocates for families: mothers, fathers, brothers, sisters, etc. They help us work through pain and dysfunction and help find balance in a chaotic world. Faith Davis is a Licensed Clinical Social (MSW, LCSW, LCAS-P) for adults, teens and preadolescents. She recently opened her own practice Counseling By Design, PLLC “Where Heart Issues Matter.” Getting her business to be profitable and hold it’s own is challenging. As an entrepreneur she now has to wear many different hats successfully. However she uses her struggles to help her empathize with her clients. Regardless of the issues that may face her small business she continues to dedicate her time, expertise, and compassion to the families that she counsels. Everyday, she continues to look forward to working with clients to help them become more resilient.

Additionally, she continues to encourage others to survive despite their pain, by reaching into her own life to gather strength. You see, about 20 years ago Faith was diagnosed with Lupus, which is a chronic autoimmune disease that affects the body’s immune system. At even given time she can have swollen and painful joints, extreme fatigue, sensitivity to sunlight, anemia, etc. Instead of focusing on the discomforts of her illness she continues to educate herself and others about the disease and live a self-less life of serving others. At the heart of who she is, is a public servant. She believes in a better tomorrow for everyone she meets and helps to inspire others to start living their best lives today. She is a survivor who fights daily to win her battle against Lupus and fulfill her dreams to make a difference in her community and the world we live in. Faith shines by using her natural talents and abilities to strengthen others to cope and dream despite what they maybe facing. She is a hero to many people that she has counseled and a joy to everyone she meets. She knows how to live: graciously and lovingly. She knows how to conquer obstacles and rise above. She is a woman who motivates by her life and through her wisdom and service. She is a caregiver to her elderly mother and a volunteer to numerous organizations because she believes that people can make a difference, and be the difference that someone may need to have a better life. She has inspired me to help others because people matter. Please vote for Faith Davis to be Yahoo’s Woman Who Shines the grand prize is $10,000.

What Would She Do With The $10,000?

The $10,000 would go back into her business. It would allow Faith to accept clients who do not have insurance to pay for her counseling services. Please show your support for this community leader who is helping others. Thank you in advance for your support! VOTING is now CLOSED

Voting: Voting is open until October 29th and the grand prize winner will be announced November 12th.

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