Baby Blessings: Letting Babies bond with the Elderly

Teaching through experience

Two months ago, my friend gave birth to a beautiful baby girl. Isabel is a loving mother and a great friend. She recently wrote a post called, “How to Bless by Baby” the post encourages parents to share their baby blessings with older people. The post really touched me because when I was younger I grew up with my elderly grandmother living in my home. I remember loving to be around her, she was my friend. She had the greatest since of humor, told the best stories, sang the prettiest songs, and recited the most exquisite poems. I am sure that being able to spend time with her, helped shape me into the person I am today.

Similarly, Isabel in her post mentions the benefits of giving babies and elderly people time to enjoy one another. One experience she shared was about Great Grandpa who is living with dementia; although he may not remember who is visiting he and the baby both enjoy a meaningful experience. For me, I saw this as a “full circle moment.” He is able to hold his great grandchild and experience the warmth, love, and joy that babies offer. While the baby is also able to feel the same attention, care, and love. Thus, seeing the elderly with younger ones really touches my heart because the experience seems to be one of pure love and thoughtfulness, which is what life should really be about.

What can we learn from watching the elderly cherish and bond with babies?

  • One lesson I have learned is PATIENCE, slow down, and enjoy the moments as they come. Life is about the little moments when we interact with each other and focus on building relationships.
  • Life is about LOVE. If we learn to love each other we have really achieved success because love generates real happiness and acceptance.
  • Lastly, set out to BE A BLESSING to others and in turn, you will be blessed.

Feel free to visit Isabel’s blog, “About Being Old – Thoughts on Aging at 27

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