5 Unique ways to Find Extra Cash

Have you ever felt like you needed more money but you didn’t know where to begin? Have creditors called your home so much you dreaded hearing the phone ring? Do you just need more money to have something to save for a rainy day?

Unfortunately, I know several people facing difficult economic times. Some of them have closed their bank accounts because their overdraft fees were outrageous and they were tired of their bank accounts being in the red. Even if you are not facing hard times but are looking to find some extra cash here are a couple of unique ways to have more money in your accounts and pockets.

1. Add another stream of income

Yes, how easy this sounds, but in many ways adding another stream of revenue can be easier than you think. Especially if you are dedicated, consistent, and willing to work. Some people add income by starting another low cost business.

Are you crafty? Can you make things well? Do you have the ability to motivate others? Are you people oriented and persuasive?  Do you have a unique skill-set that is in demand? Are you an interior or graphic designer? Whatever your skill special skill is, then there is probably a way for you to use it to make money for you and your family. If this sounds like something you are willing to explore than try the following:

  • Brain storm new ideas unique to you and your situation
  • Develop a working plan (the  Who, What, when, where, and how)
  • then start implementing and working on your new ideas. Don’t forget about marketing either.

A couple of years ago I realized, I like writing, and buying goods at a significantly discounted rate by using retail coupons. So selling on Ebay and other similar sites became an easy and comfortable option for me that I could do in my spare time.

My next goal is to revive my speaking career and do seminars and workshops for a flat rate. Nevertheless, get to know yourself and put your natural abilities to work for you.

2. Embrace odd jobs

Consider the following jobs where you call the shots and are motivated by your own success.

  • Dog walking
  • Pet sitting (many people go on vacations, run errands, work etc and may need someone to make sure their pets are looked after and walked).
  • Cutting the grass (if you charge a competitive fee, enjoy getting to know people, and can run a lawnmower then you could start your own basic lawn-care business.Be creative and offer referral discounts to gain more clientele.
  • Haul junk – You may be good at upcycling and recreating furniture. If this is your niche, go for it! You may also be good at cleaning and clearing debris and unwanted items. Hauling junk can be surprisingly lucrative.
  • Reading and rewriting resumes for people.
  • Cleaning foreclosure home.
  • Babysit for friends and family. Many people are looking for safe, fun, and reliable care for their children. If you work well with kids pursue developing a part-time business babysitting. You can charge a flat or hourly rate. It is also helpful to have referrals from successful past babysitting jobs tell others to help you secure new clients.

3. Refinance your mortgage

Currently, rates are very very low, and for some people who are not in trouble financially or unemployed. Safely, refinancing your home is an option. Some people can boast of savings even more than $5,000 per year. However, if you choose this option speak with a company representative with a good, credible reputation, and positive ratings from the Better Business Bureau. You can also get free quotes online and refinancing information here.

4. Dine in and not out

A huge expense for many people is their food. Eating out can really add up over time so take advantage of cook books, restaurant.com deals, and eat healthy. Skip vending machine binging and stop purchasing soda, juice, and other costly beverages for a couple of months and you will see added cash in your account.

5. Downsize your telephone plan.

Do you have both a land-line and cellphone, then consider terminating one. Also contact your provider to see if you can reduce your plan and find a cheaper option that reflects your actual usage. If you don’t surf the web on your phone you may not need a data plan. Also make sure that your phone and plan reflect your needs and not how you want to appear to others. If you don’t need or know how to use an iPhone don’t buy one because everyone else has one.

One lesson I’ve learned is to do my best and other opportunities will reveal itself. If you need cash, be creative and the money will come if your match your desire with your hard-work.

*Image Credit: Luigi Diamanti, freedigitalphotos.net

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