Recap: Daughter of the Struggle with Ayanna Gregory

Ayanna Gregory Daughter of the Struggle Poster

Tonight was a dream come true for me, I was able to meet Ayanna Gregory who is a singer, storyteller, visionary, activist, writer, and more. One of the first gifts my husband every gave me before we married was her CD, “Beautiful Flower.” Her voice resonates with power, love and strength. She is a rising legend in her own right.

Have you ever wondered what life was really like for the children of civil rights leaders? In her show “Daughter of the Struggle,” Ayanna discusses growing up during an era where her father’s dedication to the civil rights movement could have jeopardized the safety of her and her family. However, she shared a quote that comforted her and continues to remain true, “Fear and God do not occupy the same space.”

Dick Gregory her father is an Author, Comedian, Activist, Humanitarian, and Nutritionist. He marched beside Dr. Martin Luther King, Jesse Jackson, and many others to pave the way for minorities to have more opportunities here in America. In fact, in 1968 Dick Gregory even ran for president as a member of the Freedom and Peace Party (he was a write-in candidate). Throughout his life he sought to educate men and women around the world. Likewise, through Ayanna’s monologue people get a glimpse into the life of Dick Gregory as a father and how her mother was able to raise her and her 9 other siblings with a strong foundation.

When I think of the Gregory family, I think of them as a family with courage running through their veins,  bravery rooted at the core of their souls. Ayanna’s show is encouraging, reflective and educational. As she sings and shares her story Ayanna’s words embrace the audience in a way that inspires them to seek excellence and more out of life.

If you ever get a chance to hear her speak or sing, I definitely recommend that you take advantage of the opportunity!

Here is a YouTube Clip that introduces who she is and what her show is about.

Click here to buy her CD, “Beautiful Flower.”

*Next appearance: Bohemian Caverns April 26, 2012 in Washington, DC Ayanna will be performing with her band.

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