Save money on the products you love with groupon

*This guest post was contributed by Milford Woods

I love to buy Groupons. I usually check the deals in the morning using my Clearwire 4g internet connection. My favorite place that offers Groupons is the place that I like to get my hair cut. Since I moved I have found that I can get my hair colored and cut for just sixty dollars at the Paul Mitchell salon. Students work on your hair, but they are always supervised by a teacher, who has been in the business a long time. Sometime you have to wait a little bit longer for the services because they are learning in the process, but saving at least seventy dollars every time I get my hair done is definitely worth it! Recently I got a Groupon that was twenty five dollars for for sixty dollars worth of services. That means that I got a color and cut for only twenty-five dollars! What a deal!! I call my Mom about it every time they run a Groupon. I think that she is a bit jealous because they don’t have a Paul Mitchell school in her area.

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