How to Make Your Daughter’s Clothes More Versatile

Children’s clothes often are priced similar to adult clothing and can be expensive at times. If you are looking for ways to maximize your money and not sacrifice style here are my top tips for making clothing more versatile so that you can get the most for your money.

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1. The key is layering. I will use little girls as my example because I have daughters, but the same principles  are also true for boys. For example ake a dress that you like. The one below is a short sleeve summer dress. Girls dresses are extremely versatile; especially, when it comes to sizing. In the summer the dress can be worn with flip-flops, sandals or dress shoes. To transition a dress for Fall wear add tights or leggings and a long-sleeve t-shirt, and then the dress becomes a versatile tunic. Add a cute pair of mary-janes and a sweater for days that are windy and chilly. I like to choose basic complimentary colors, to keep the outfits simple so children can also learn the basic art of matching.

2. Dress for the occasion as well as the weather.  Alone, a dress can act as a statement piece. It is comfortable and cute. It can be dainty and lady-like or sassy and casual.  The best part about wearing dresses is that you really don’t have to look for accessories to match if you don’t want to. Overall, a dress alone can be worn for dressy occasions or casually depending on which accessories are added. For dress up occasions you would add dress shoes and a dressy hair accessory like a ribbon, bow, bonnet or barrette.

3. Choose colors that complement each other. Making the dress into Winter wear uses the same principals as the one for Fall. Add an undershirt,  a long-sleeve shirt, turtleneck, or even a hooded jacket. As long as you keep the colors in the same family the transition will work. You can also add thicker pants and even a vest for a chic casual assemble. Boots accentuate the cute classic casual outfit and your child will be warm and comfy. You want the colors to make the outfit look seamless and not a hodgepodge of different outfits that you just threw together.

Overall tip, buy cute classic summer dresses and shirts that will be easy to transition into other seasons. That way you will only have to spend money on the added pieces that can be worn alone without the dresses expanding your child’s wardrobe easily.

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