It’s FLU Season AGAIN: What Can We Do to Help Our Children This Season?

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Flu season can be a scary time for parents of young children, pregnant moms, and the elderly. Our kids never seem to take the extra precautions we would like them to in order to prevent the spread of germs, so what can we do?

Collectively, we must have a PLAN!

  • Before your child is school age, teach him or her the importance of hand washing.
  • Talk to your child’s teacher and make sure that he or she has a plan to help combat the germs in her classroom. Children that are school-age spend most of their time at school with other children, who may not have parents that are strict about cleanliness. This plan will help lessen the spread of germs in your child’s classroom environment.
    • If the teacher doesn’t already have a plan in place, help him or her to prepare one just in case.

Here are some of the items that are needed:

1. Lysol wipes for daily desk wiping.

2. Hand sanitizer just in case it is needed. Students should have access to it throughout the day if they need to use it.

3. Crack the classroom window and or take the students outside for recess/fresh air.

4. If the school gives out snacks, encourage healthy options rich in vitamin D.

5. If possible, make sure that most of the school’s breakfast and lunch options are not layered with tons of sugar.

6. Encourage ample hand-washing breaks.

  • Then make sure that your child has his or her own germ reducing products. Give your child hand sanitizer, wipes, Lysol wipes, and anything else that you think they should have with him or her just in case other children in the classroom are not feeling well.
  • Talk to your child’s pediatrician about which daily multivitamin is best for him or her to take everyday.
  • Make sure your child drinks plenty of water
  • After school set-up exercise activities to help build his or her immune system.
  • If you can, give your child healthy home-cooked meals with plenty of antioxidants, vitamin D and vitamin C, and other natural immune system builders.
  • Teach your child about germs and how they are passed on from one person to the next.
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