Recap: Women of Faith 2011 Imagine Conference in DC

This was a weekend of power, encouragement, and liberation. As the storm, Hurricane Irene, waltzed over the water and then onto land, we faced our fears and learned to lean and trust in Jesus. There were so many encouraging lessons to take away from the Women of Faith Conference, but I will share the most profound lessons and quotes I learned.

Nicole Johnson @WomenofFaith - Imagine Conference in DC 2011

First and foremost, the first speaker was Sheila Walsh. Her love for her son stood out to me. The greatest gift that God has given me is the gift to be able to nurture the lives of my children. The words of promise that Shelia shared stood out to me. She said, “When the pain of remaining the same is greater then the pain of change, then you will change.” If I want to succeed, I have to make necessary changes in my life to move forward. I have to imagine a life that God is making for me, and then step out in faith, and move forward. She also stated that “God wants to give you a bigger miracle than the one you’ve come for.” I mentioned previously, I wanted to be inspired and be an inspiration. The Women of Faith Conference fulfilled this goal and more.

Nicole Johnson’s stories, probably resonated the most with me. She talked about being an invisible mother, always doing, always looking after others, but no one ever taking the time to thank her or notice her efforts. Then a friend gave her a book and acknowledge that she was building greatness while no one else was looking. Sometimes it just takes an encouraging word from one person to clear our foggy thinking  and help us move on to appreciate the brighter days ahead.

I will admit, I don’t feel invisible, but at times when I feel like my efforts are not always appreciated. I am always  trying to do for others, and there are times when I feel alone in action. Like Nicole, I pray each day that I won’t mind being invisible so others can see God’s handiwork, God’s grace, and His compassion working through me in their lives. If no one ever notices my sincerity and my love, I will keep on dancing to my own beat, bobbing to the work that the Lord has manifested within me.

Some of Nicole Johnson’s words of encouragement include:

“Life’s greatest value is often found in its broken pieces.”

“Invisibility is loves great costume, given only to his choicest servants.”

“God is asking for our pieces. He will turn our tragedies into hope.”

Overall, I learned to be honest with myself about my feelings and emotions. I learned to accept my faults and imperfections, but not to use them as an excuse to fail. Nobody is perfect and if I give God my small talents He will bless me, use me and cleverly change me.


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