Review: LeapFrog Tag Pen and Books

LeapFrog Tag Collection

This is not a sponsored review.

I really enjoy reviewing educational toys for children. I  get a thrill learning about the new tech gadgets it only takes children seconds to figure out. Well, back in December I decided  my girls needed to have the LeapFrog Tag pen (Tag). My girls had just turned 2 years old in Oct (however the manufacturers recommended age is 4-8 years old), but they knew how to correctly hold a pencil (which was the prerequisite) and they loved to read. After I introduced it to them on Christmas day, it was an activity that we enjoyed together. After a couple of months they really loved sitting in a comfy chair to read books and play games with their new Tag pens.

The Tag pen is a reading system that helps children learn to read and love to read.

What I like the most

1. You pick out the books that your child enjoys. Leapfrog has a collection of over 40 options from education books and maps to ebooks that teach children to love reading through stories featuring their favorite characters.

2. It is easy to use. My children are now 33 months and they are able to enjoy their Tag pens without extra assistance. Also, the set up was fairly simple, but you do have to figure out how to open the pen. (Basically, you use a coin to unscrew the battery compartment and then open the top part to add batteries.) You also must register the pen online with leapfrog in order for the pen to work properly. Registering gives you access to many useful resources. Every time you purchase book or other item you will need to sync your pen through the Leapfrog website.

3. The games are fun and engaging which  help with reading comprehension and are fun for the kids.

4. You can even monitor your child’s progress online. You are emailed a report card keeping you monitor their progress and how well they are doing with the games. The more your child uses their tag pen the more you receive special perks and offers.

5. Battery life is OK. Of course if your child uses it a lot you need to keep plenty of AAA batteries in stock. I am a little disappointed with the fact that it doesn’t use AA batteries and the manufactures recommend against using rechargeable batteries.

6. Leapfrog seems to offer coupons regularly if you want to build your Tag book library.

7. My daughters are beginning readers. The tag book has helped them learn new words and increase their interest in reading. I  recommend parents make sure their children know their phonics sounds and alphabets before they introduce the Tag pen.

8. Tag pens are great for keeping your child learning and occupied while in the car.

Readers have your children tried the Tag pen? If not, what is your favorite educational toy?
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