Readers, I would like you to nominate me for the 2011 Black blog awards. NOMINATIONS ARE NOW CLOSED

Here is a little history about me and my blog.

Less than one year ago, my husband came home with my Mother’s Day gift: a new computer. He told me that I should really start blogging and that he would help me get started. Ms. Kitty Bradshaw, is my friend and also mentioned that I should start a blog. She shared with me her positive blogging experience and have much encouragement I agreed to start a blog.

Previously, I had lost my passion for most things and had no idea what I would write about. I was a new stay at home mom just content with enjoying my children who were reviving my happiness.

It is no secret that I love my family, but blogging has given me a voice again: when I had stopped reading, writing and in some ways, I had stopped dreaming. My life now is so much more richer. Now, through my blog I share my genuine interests and thoughts. I now live to be a better person: hoping, learning, dreaming, and sharing. It is hard work to keep up with the many blogs out here, but I am still cultivating my voice. Please nominate my blog if you have gained anything from the words I have shared thus far. My blog is almost a year old and I look forward to what the future will bring. My blog has evolved a lot since I first began, I am also no longer scared of social media and it has also helped bring my husband and I closer together because without his help my blog would be very pitiful.
Thank you all in advance for nominating me! Nominations close MAY 7th.


THE CATEGORIES THAT I THINK MY BLOG CAN BE NOMINATED FOR ARE: (Please nominate me in these categories, but  you are free to choose. Keep in mind that only the top 5 in each category will move on to the voting stage so the more you choose the better my chances are. THANKS SO MUCH!!!)

Best Parenting or Family Blog

Blog to Watch

Blog of the Year

Best Lifestyle Blog

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