I’m Not Afraid of the Clearance Rack-Savings Tips

Recently, I realized that my wardrobe needed updating.   Since the arrival of my kids I have dreaded going shopping, but my post baby body is a different size and my old clothes hang on me like a wet noodle.  I have also dreaded spending a lot of money on my own clothes. So I have set a goal and now I am determined to conquer it.  My goal is to find  fabulous threads under $10 that fit and are fashionable. I am searching for quality clothes not a large quantity.  Overall, I decided that I can spare $50 for this season’s every day wear. My key to fashionable dress success is “Classy and cute, and not too trendy.”   My clothes have to stand the test of time so I will reiterate that quality over quantity is a must.

Once again, shopping out of season will get me the best deals.  Lady’s and gentlemen, my favorite clearance store is Macy’s.  Their $4.99 clearance racks are my friend.  I abhor dirty, junky stores with long waiting lines and irregular clothes, so I stick with department stores that give me a better area to shop in.  My advice to getting the best deal is to wait for the store to put items on clearance, and then make sure you have an additional coupon that will give you money off of clearance items.  Some clearance items are junk so don’t be memorized by the prizes. If the clothes don’t look good on you, do not purchase them. Also, don’t buy clothes that are no longer in style just for the price.

The last time I shopped in Macy’s I was able to get casual clothes for prices between $2.99 and $9.99.  I also looked around the store and even tried the Junior’s Section for classic apparel.  I purchased two dresses under $10 each. I bought about 15 items all for under $50. Please note that the greatest savings for Macy’s customers is for those with a Macy’s card.  They have a wonderful Star Rewards program that sends card members spectacular discounts on their merchandise.  If you do not have a Macy’s card my advice is to search the newspaper, where they usually have coupons like a 15% off shopping pass for all customers.  If you cannot find one in the newspaper, always do an internet search for Macy’s coupons on the internet.  Rule of thumb, if you are going shopping and you know what you want to buy, and where you want to buy it, Do a Search on the Internet for the item or retailer. I try not to be an impulsive buyer and check the net before I overspend.

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