5 Practical Tips To Conserve Water

The greatest investment parents can make is in their children.  If our children see us conserving and reusing they will learn to do the same.  Below are 5 practical tips that we use at my house to conserve water. Water here in America is easily accessible, but in many countries around the world it is not.  As a result, at our home we try not to take water for granted and live so that there will be enough clean water for us to use in the future. The tips below are quick and easy so I encourage you to adopt some of mine and please share some of your own tips as well.

  1. We installed aerators on the faucet to limit water flow.
  2. We turn the faucet off while brushing our teeth or washing our faces.
  3. We water our plants with our children’s bath water.
  4. We only run our dishwasher when we have a full load.
  5. We let food defrost by sitting in the sink and not running water over it.

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