Sickle Cell: Any day without pain is a good day! #30forSickleCell

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Everyday during the month of September Shakir facilitates a twitter chat to help raise awareness about Sickle Cell Disease. The chat starts at 2pm EST and can be followed using the hashtag #SickleCellChat. I applaud everyone who is making a difference in the own way to do what they can to share more information about Sickle Cell Anemia. I thank Shakir for his consistency and his commitment to the cause. He is a Sickle Cell Warrior working hard to educate the masses. Thank you  again for being willing to share your story.

1. When were you diagnosed with Sickle Cell Disease?

I was diagnosed at birth.

2. How has growing up with Sickle Cell Disease affected your life?

I had an enjoyable and mostly “normal” childhood. I was very active, had many friends, and was always smiling. Sickle cell affected my life on a daily basis. I had to get my medication, which ran overnight every night, on a pump through a subcutaneous injection site. I also would have to miss school once a month to get my blood transfusion.

 3. What are some steps you take to stay healthy?

I exercise four times a week, drink plenty of water, eat a (somewhat) healthy diet, and I try to live stress free.

Interview with #SickleCell Warrior BloodBorn #30forSickleCell4. How are you raising awareness about Sickle Cell Disease, and how can others help support this cause?  

I raise awareness on a daily basis through use of the social media, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc. I also do some speaking engagements, and I manage a published author, Dominique Friend, who also has Sickle Cell Disease. People can follow me on Twitter and Instagram at @BL00DB0RN and on

5. Is there one myth that you would like to dispel about living with Sickle Cell Disease?

Yes, I would like to dispel the myth that people with sickle cell can’t live an enjoyable physical and healthy lifestyle. I’m able to work full-time, workout, and be a husband/father. I’m constantly going; honestly, it helps keep me healthy as well.

6. What do you want the world to know about Sickle Cell Disease?

I just want the world, in particular, the media, to acknowledge the fact that Sickle Cell Disease is a serious illness, an illness that should no longer be overlooked and forgotten.


Shakir Cannon a.k.a. BloodBorn

I am a Sickle Cell advocate/activist looking to uplift the spirits of other sickle cell sufferers in an encouraging way. With sickle cell being such a horrific illness at times, it can be nearly impossible for one to entertain a positive outlook towards it. However, consider the courage of one sufferer to perceive this unimaginable notion. “Any day without pain is a good day!” How enlightening is that mindset. Upon birth, we are genetically gifted with this illness; however, if you’ve ever met a sickle cell “sufferer” you’ll notice that we are usually in high spirits. Since we know what hard times are like we truly appreciate the good ones. That’s the spirit of a blood born sickle cell survivor!


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