Reviewer’s Retreat = Fun, Fun, Fun

Attending the Reviewers Retreat was a fun first blogging conference. Thankfully, it wasn’t only about sitting through different sessions and learning a lot, but the retreat also provided a fun exhilarating atmosphere. The retreat was held at Great Wolf Lodge, which has many activities for families with children to enjoy together. Below I share some of my favorite things about the conference.

Me and my girls at Great Wolf Lodge

If you come to Great Wolf Lodge for a conference, come in a group or bring grandparents along. My husband and I had to take turns riding on the rides because our children were too short to ride on the tube rides.

My kid’s playing at the water park

It was great to have toys at the water park geared for younger children so they can feel comfortable and enjoy themselves as well.

Kiddy pool at Great Wolf Lodge

My favorite water ride at the lodge was the tube slides. I thought the ride was both relaxing and adventurous too.

Tubing at Great Wolf Lodge

My girls also enjoyed the Cub Club. They wanted to color, do crafts, puzzles, and play with the toys.

Coloring at Cub Club at Great Wolf Lodge

In the midst of fun I also heard some of the bloggers I admire most, like Jennifer James from Mom Bloggers Club

Me and Jennifer James

The speed way was a great opportunity to meet and talk to the Sponsors about their products. Pictured below is the sponsors from

MomPact sponsors  coordinating with each other and the car seat cover.

The pajama party was a lot of fun. It really gave the attendees a chance to get to know each other and work together. I really like how the bloggers at Homegrown Families really dressed the part.

Bloggers from Homegrown Families Blog, styling in their nighties.

The last session was great because we were able to separate and discuss questions that we had regarding our own blogs. This was also one of the best ways to get to know each other.

Reviewers Retreat Roundtable Sessions


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  • So fun! I’m missing it!

    • I miss it too. I can’t wait to plan so other adventures for my kids this summer. I was a pleasure having the opportunity to meet you in person and I can’t wait to read about your next traveling adventure as well.

  • My wife just told me about Great Wolf Lodge. We plan to take the kids there this summer. Thanks for the review.

    • We had fun. If you enjoy getting on all of the rides, I definitely recommend taking one other adult along to stay in the kiddy sections. Our twins were too short for the tubing rides. I not sure if your twins are tall enough yet, but I believe they need to be at least 41 inches. The rides at Great Wolf Lodge are based on height just like at an amusement park.

  • Tiffany @ Home Grown Families

    Thanks so much for including our picture in our pj’s. We had a ton of fun putting them together!!
    Tiffany & Melissa

  • Thanks for posting the photos of the water park! I was always too busy or too tired to venture out there but it seems so fun! We were on the fourth floor so we got to see lots of MagiQuest players. It’s such a great place to take your family for a conference; when I was a kid I had to go to conferences EVERY SUMMER and I got soooo bored! Wish I could have had a GWL!

    • Thanks for visiting my post. I really enjoyed myself at the conference. My daughters and husband also enjoyed it. The water park was a lot of fun, but I hear the Magiquest was a lot of fun too. Are you going to BlogHer12 in Aug?

  • Elle, it was great to meet you and I love all your pictures! Your girls are adorable! I hope to see again next year!

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