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Travon Martin 1995-2012

When I first heard the story about Trayvon Martin, I felt like there just had to be something missing. Really how could George Zimmerman kill 17 year old Trayvon Martin who was unarmed, confess, and not be arrested and forced to stand trial? How could Zimmerman follow Trayvon after being advised by the police not to and then Trayvon end up dead, without charge or investigation? Unbelievable, right? A part of me didn’t want to believe the story, but another part of me knew I had read correctly. There are some people in this world that are heartless. There are some people that do not value life. Today, was a silent protest. I dressed my daughters in their hoodies and said a prayer, “God, be with the family of Trayvon Martin.”

For days I have felt outraged, yet numb to the reality and severity of the entire story. I took to Twitter until sadness and grief consumed me. I did not want to think about so much pain and heart break. Right now, I am sharing his story because in life, we all want to make a difference in our own little way, Trayvon’s life will hopefully make a difference in all of our lives.

As parents we imagine watching our child grow up, graduate from High School, Vote, go to College, Get married, land that awesome job that will pay back all of his student loans, have a family, and enjoy life. It all seems so simple,  just a standard part of the American dream. Trayvon Martin wanted to be an Aviation Mechanic, but for Trayvon’s family, this  dream, will never come to fruition. Instead, after Trayvon was murdered, his body laid in the medical examiner office with a John Doe tag on it; Surprisingly, he died not far from home, but his parents were not notified until the next day. February 26 will forever be etched in my mind, I will never forget Trayvon Martin.  Americans everywhere must care because he was a child, now we have to see him as America’s child, because Trayvon Martin could have been your son, your brother, your cousin, your student, or your friend.

Have you signed the Petition to have George Zimmerman prosecuted for killing Travon Martin?

The Color of Change also has a petition on their site.

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*Hoodies on a Hill: Congressional Staffers rally for Trayvon Martin

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March 21, 2012



Los Angeles, California

LA: March for Trayvon happening tonight Leimert Park at 5pm PST

Sanford, Florida
The Rev. Al Sharpton is holding a Community Rally
First Shiloh Baptist Church
700 S. Elm Ave.


Boston: Converge at Harvard Square T stop at 6pm EST.
Check out the Facebook Event for more details.


Detroit: Detroit is holding a planning meeting tonight for a Million Hoodie March for Trayvon Martin. 1515 Broadway @ 6:00pm. Please spread this widely.




Los Angeles: In Hollywood @ The Corner of Hollywood and Highland @ 11AM PST
See the Facebook Event for more details.

Los Angeles 

Exposition & Crenshaw Blvd, 2pm PST,


Daley Center 7pm CST, map:

Location TBD 8pm EST

New York
Union Square 7pm EST, map:

Washington, DC
Columbia Heights, meet at the fountain on the corner of 14th and Park, 7pm EST, map:

LOVE Park, 6:30pm EST, map:

Kansas City
Mill Creek Park – Plaza Main Fountain, 5:30pm CST,


MONDAY, 3/26 @ 4PM EST

Sanford, Florida

Community Rally at
First United Methodist Church
419 S. Park Ave


SATURDAY, 3/31 @ 12PM

for Trayvon Martin
Judicial Square, Washington DC
Saturday, March 31, 2012
On the corner of 5th & F St NW

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  • I feel the same as you. I am outraged and sad all at the same time. I have not even been able to bring myself to read all of the various news sources about this because it makes me that upset. I literally want to cry each time I learn new information that proves that he did not have to die. His killing is truly senseless and his killer faces no consequences…at all?!?

    • The story bothers me because I know that he could have been one of my nephews, I just can’t believe that Zimmerman wasn’t even arrested. Zimmerman was a self-proclaimed neighborhood watch person that his own neighbors complained about. They even expressed that his tactics were too aggressive. Regardless of the racial sensitivity, this case is disheartening in many ways; especially, because no one thought enough to contact his parents the night of the murder. How sad.

    • Joe White

      You people are comical.Please review the facts before you past judgement. Typical liberal, act on speculation. None of us know what exactly what happened that night, but all you clueless racial people just spin the whole thing. This has nothing to do with race. This was a traggic accident. Later even the mother of Travon has addimitted that. The true will come out and Zimmerman will be aquitted. And don’t mean to be so harsh on the poor 17 year old kid, but a good kid doesn’t roam the streets at 11:30 pm on a school nite. And does not have drugs in his system and does not get suspended from school three times in a year. And are great president of ours makes a statement that he could be his son. Isn’t that a crock of bull. That will be that day that one of his lovely daughters smoke dope as a teenager and be suspended from school. Give me a break all of you who act out and think you know all that is true without any evidence. Please, its not all about race all the time. And one more thing, Zimmerman is hispanic. Yet the media refers to him as white. So is are president white also. Because he is half white as is Zimmerman, but the media spins the whole thing to get a rise out of the ignorent.

      • I agree that it was a tragic accident. However I still don’t believe that Trayvon should have been shot that night. When I wrote this piece all of these facts were not out, but I continue to believe that Zimmerman should be charged and he was, let the judicial system decide what to do next when all of the evidence is evaluated. The problem I had was that Zimmerman was not going to be charged at all before the media became involved. I believe this case is more about the “Stand Your Ground Law” and not necessary about race, the media is putting the racial spin on it heavily. The problem is, we as a country need to evaluate our laws and get to know other people regardless of their ethnicity, race relations in America aren’t going too well. We all need to learn how to understand each other and care more about all people and not just on the basis of what race they are.

      • berda

        think about this if travon was awhite teen and killed by a black man would it change the outcome ‘

        • Thanks for visiting my site and commenting. Frankly, speculating will only make people angry, my goal is not to insight anger to share the human element in all of this. We are all humans trying to do the best we can. When mistakes happen and hate arises, what can we do? I believe we must add awareness, education each other, and strive to be the best advocates we can be. If we don’t try to make the generations after us have a better understanding about human life, our world is a complete failure. However, I’m not giving up.

        • al

          yes it would change everything there would be no national coverage and jackson and sharpton sure would have never marched. when a person with a drop of white blood kills a black person racism is cried to the heavans, when a black kills a white racism is never mentioned even when it was the only reason the white was killed.

      • Craig

        Neighbours heard cries for help, don’t try and tell me that a 17 year old in good shape was being beaten up by by an out of shape in his 30’s, who ended up with bruising consistent with being attacked…

      • Rachel Burket

        Joe, it was 7pm that Travon had went to the store to get candy for his brother to be and some tea for himself. He did absolutely nothing wrong to be out that time of night!

      • Olivian Stranton

        I would never use the subject you people because it subject prejudice and yes this kid was suspended from school on three occasion. The one thing that I do know is that kids act out at school due to the absent of their father. We are a blended family and sometimes when the child desires to be with the father but not really wanting to hurt the mother they act out in school. Some kids do experiment with drugs in which i”m sure you have too typical liberal speaking. The issue was a child being killed yet no one was arrested for killing. I”m certain that your parent would want justification of their child death. You are correct about the media who can spin an anything out of control.

  • christine

    all i have to sy is this the stand your ground law only apply if you have ground to stand on not stand over a innocent child if this was anybody child it will never make any since all he wanted to do is to go home and be a child yet you have a grown man following you and you dont know why this child was scared and fearfull for his life he did not have time to think let alone try to attack this grown a– man he wanted to be let go but this grown a– man alredys had in it his mind what he intened to do, it makes the world angry not just florida this child will never see his parents, sister or brother,’aunts ,uncle , freinds, the sun moon and the stars you didnt not just end a childs life you also ended all the people in his life, you have alredy sentenced his family becase they will never be able to see him again so they have been sentebced to life in prison for the love of their own child i said that to say this they have a life sentence to their thoughts and love for thier child to never be in piece, this is so wrong and it will foever hurt the children of the world my prayers go out to the family may god bless you.

    • You are right, the story unfolds as though Travon was hunted, attacked, fought to defend his life, cried out for help, but lost the fight when a bullet snuffed out his life. I have taken walks in my neighborhood, but it wasn’t a crime. What was Travon’s crime? I have hard that he committed one, but the way actions are being taken would think he was doing something wrong, but he wasn’t.

    • Norman

      What is truly unfortunate is the fact this case is being tried in the media, instead of in the courts. Everyone claims to have some “special” knowledge that Trayvon was just an innocent “child” or that Zimmerman was a cold blooded killer. The truth is, no one was there. It is alright to make assumptions and have opinions, but, since no one was there, none of us have the right to say Trayvon was innocent or Zimmerman was a murderer. If this tragedy had happened to you (regardless of which side you would have been on), you would not want it tried in the media.

      • Do you think Zimmerman would have apologized to the family if he did nothing wrong? You’re right, we weren’t there, but it is very possible that Trayvon did nothing wrong. There are also reports that Zimmerman was fired from a working as a bouncer for snapping. He also had called 911 at least 50 times before this incident, etc. Those are not normal behaviors. The reason this story had to have media attention is no one was looking into the matters to even try Zimmerman before the media got involved. I don’t agree with everything being said about this case, but it was important for people to become aware of the Stand your ground law, which is on the books in many states. Education helps us all and knowledge about this case, the stand you ground law, and the way the justice system is educating us all. Unfortunately, when I walk around my own neighborhood pushing my children in their strollers my neighbors close their garage doors and locked their cars as I passed by, just simply because they have never even taken the time to get to know me. Sometimes in our world people allow their fears of others to consume them rather than taken time to get to know others. Thanks for visiting my site.

  • sidney

    i think this is horible he should not of shot that inosent boy

    • Thank you so much for your comment. It is a sad story. I read today that “Bill Lee, Police Chief, Steped Down Temporarily Over Trayvon Martin Case” via @HuffingtonPost (Wow)

      • Shamlie McInnis

        Why is the chief being allowed to ” TEMPORARILY STEP DOWN”! He should be fired with any officer who reported to the crime scene and didn’t question why Zimmerman hadn’t been arrested. I think heads should roll! They are all responsible. Anyone in authority that doesn’t follow through should be terminated! It seems as though everyone involved is just passing the buck. I don’t understand for the life of me why the Justice Department has to get involved! It only shows that the Sanford police aren’t willing to police the city (to provide equal justice for all). Good Luck and God Bless all that live in Sanford Florida.

        • I hear you, but I wish everything were that simple. Thanks for sharing your comment and visiting my site. It is good to see everyone joining together to voice their concerns about the untimely death of Trayvon.

  • Judy

    Travon-walking away – not walking towards this man. The problem with this law is that who determines “feel threatened?” If I feel threated, I will go the other way. The biggest question?-Why this man did not follow instructions on not following Travon? He had it in his mind to be a hero (by any Travon neccesary). I feel threated everytime a person yells at me or walk up to my face, but I don’t think about shooting to KILL or shooting at all. This is not going away. I wonder how may {people} will call a minority business out to their home and then kill them and use the “I felt threated” rule? Something to think about.

    • Thanks for visiting my site, your comment really means a lot. Today, I listened to the Kojo Nnamdi Show on NPR and they talked about the Stand in Rule and Self-Defense Laws and the implications regarding this case. Basically, they said at the very least before Zimmerman was free to roam the streets all of the evidence should have been evaluated.

    • Joan

      i feel that zimmerman person went out that day to kill someone anyone of color if it had not been travyon it would have been anyother black man or boy. This zimmerman didn’t have any regard or common sense to think that maybe this person lived in this neighorhood, we do live upscale neighborhoods in the 21St Century.This person had racial intend to do what he did and he carried it out, because he know that this ancient 1400 law that still exist today will free him from any prosecution by using the self defense clause in this out dated law which needs to be oblished. If we stay for this there will be more trayvon martin young black men kill at the hands of racially happy triger white man and other man like them that have the same white views ideas. He needs to be hung by the stake and burned, like they would do one of that if you kill a young white boy.

      • Craig

        Joan..just so you know the facts black men kill other black men at a much higher rate than white men killing black men…but it doesn’t make for news coverage, which in itself should be a concern.

    • Honest

      Travon was a JV criminal with a long criminal record, but his records are sealed because he was under age. Too bad.. The Dispatcher has NO authority to instruct anyone what to do, the 911 dispatcher is not law enforcement and Zimmerman does NOT have to listen to his requests. All of you morons stop talking about something you know nothing about.

    • berda

      think about this this way Zimmermen got out follow Travon changed his mine started back to his car but by this time Travon was wondering who is this guy following me you no teens black/white think they are bad ass at this age and you can only wonder what happen next.

    • Craig

      Judy..If your a security personnel and suspect someone may be up to no good, you follow them to ensure they leave the area your guarding…who told Zimmerman not to follow?

      • T.Smith

        Craig are you serious with your privileged point of view. Black young males are taught everyday how to live and survive in this society. Yes sir , yes ma’am, don’t move too fast, don’t be sarcastic. Don’t give a police officer or at this point anyone with a gun the reason to shoot you. We give our sons the black man talk, something you have no clue about. We also teach them to fight when your back is against the wall. Travon did just that. I have two young sons and I teach them that the color of your skin is considered a threat to white people. When a white woman grabs her purse or someone locks their car door when you walk by. It them not you. I also teach them that this world will never be fair to them. Your point of view is a direct reminder of that reality. My questions to you are what made Travon look suspicious? Why can’t he walk through a neighborhood? Do you think he is a lesser human than the killer? What would you do if a black man was following you? A white man? Be real with yourself. Murder is murder.

  • Nadine

    My thoughts and prayers go out to the Martin family. I watched an interview today with them on the Anderson Cooper show. I listened to the 911 calls and heardbhis mother say she could hear her son crying for help. There is no doubt in my mind that travon was a victim. If he were being aggressive, why was he screaming for his life. Also he was on the phone with a friend and she said he was trying to get away. I think Zimmerman took his golden opportunity to kill someone and call it self defense. Why didn’t he call for backup police? Oh yea he did and they told him to let the boy go. Why didn’t they do a background check on Zimmerman before giving him a gun?

    • Thanks for visiting my site! You know this system has been broken for awhile. Unfortunately it has taken the death of Travon Martin a 17 YO full of life and potential to have his life taken to soon, for authorities to see that this law is not for the common good. For the rest of us Feb 26st was a day that angered a nation.

  • Ed

    Its time for a change as a black manI don’t know why we still have to prove our self to the community that all black men are not murders and etc…BUT BLACK MEN we have to change ourselves as well first pull our pants up and stand up for each other…black men we better than this

    • You mentioning pulling up pants, but so many people seem to agree that hoodies make people look suspicious. If you have sons will you continue buying them hoodies?

  • Christine

    My prayers are with this young mans family and friends,God watch over them and help them get thur this time.I have read and heard this on the news I have grandchildern and worry everyday.We need to stand together and fight for justice for this Child!

    • My prayers are with the family too. I think it is a moment of reflection for all of us.

  • Brian

    Just an unbelievable turn of events. It’s beyond me how this Zimmerman has not been charged in some capacity. I’m white, but I can honestly say, if the roles were reversed, a black man shooting a white kid in a hoodie, the black man would have been arrested and charged immediately. When will this type of garbage stop? I will tell you what will help stop it, ARREST the man responsible for shooting this kid and charge him!! Give others something to think about before they do the same STUPID thing to another black kid who might wear a hoodie. And for anyone to suggest that wearing the hoodie was part of the problem, I say, get a clue. No one has to stop wearing hoodies, we need to stop IDIOTS from being able to get ahold of guns. I’m just sickened by this and embarrassed to be part of a race of people that would do this sort of thing and then try to justify it. Pathetic!!

    • To me the non-arrest here is one of the major issues. Even if this was a black on black crime, the shooter would have to defend himself in a court of law.The nation needs this case to go to court and have all of the evidenced be displayed. The longer they wait the more people are loosing faith in the justice system. People are already having doubts about the evidence because the gun wasn’t even confiscated at the scene which is also mind boggling. Thanks for sharing your comment and visiting my site.

    • White

      Just curious if you people who judge situations without facts and have no clue . Did you people learn a lession, how bout you Brain, who is white. Who cares what your race is bro, this has nothing to do with race. This shouldn’t even go to trail. Its not even close.The guy will walk without a doubt, unless we get some of the same simple minded people that where on the Casey Anothy trail. Last thing, STOP listening to the loony liberal media. They are a joke , MSNBC, CNN, HLN. They all reported falsely and tried to spin the whole thing and put people against each other as such as blacks and whites.

  • Roger Gayden

    Pray till we can’t pray no more, this is a situation that God will have to interveen.

    • Thanks for visiting my site. You are absolutely correct, the way events are beginning to unfold. This situation is escalating out of hand and needs to be handled quickly. I pray that the trial will commence and all parties will do their best to be fair. I believe the media needs to take a step back.

  • Joe White

    Amen to that. I beleive that you are a very good person. And just want peace and prosperity. I also truly beleive that Travon should not have been killed. But again we don’t know and never will know how the fight started. Only Zimmerman knows. I really don’t think he was out to kill the young man. Both were at fault in my opinion. If Zimmerman did walk up or run up on Travon, there was still no reason to have an altercation. And fists should of never came out no matter what! And I am not a big gun person but it is the 2nd amendment. Maybe there should not be a concield law. If you have a permitt to have a gun i think you should have to let it be seen. Just as most police do. Then most people would not react, mess with or get in to an altercation. Plain and simple, I would be willing to bet if Travon had seen his gun there would of never been a fight. And far as Zimmerman goes he will never be the same. He has to live with that for the rest of his life. I honestly beleive that he didn’t set out to kill that young man. But when you have a gun its alot easier to shoot someone. People kill people, not guns and thats why I don’t have one or need one. Its to easy to make a mistake. But I do beleive the right to bare arms. Chicago has a law handgun law and they have one of the highest crime rates in the country. So what good is it doing them,A law biding citizen is not safe there. The bad guys will always get there hands on weapons. One last thing, I do know the law and the 2nd degree murder will never stick. No matter what, The procecution made a big mistake with that charge. Google it and find out what that means if you already don’t know. There is no chance in the world that he will be gulity of that charge. One last thing, Zimmerman will never be the same person. He kill another human being and that will affect him for the rest of his life. I fill for everyone, both sides of the familys. This was a horrible accident or incendent that should of never happened.

    • We do know how the fight started, the scum Zimmerman got out of his truck and killed him. If someone cant walk down the sidewalk or run down the sidewalk without being shot then we are doomed. If, and im a 46 year old white man and father as well, Trayvon had been white and had not had his hood pulled over his head he would be with his loved ones. If you cant understand that then i dont hold or have any ill thoughts toward you. In your comment you said “ACCIDENT” It was no “ACCIDENT” . What part of “Stay in your truck an officer is on his way” do you not understand? Trayvon did not point a gun at him for he had no gun on him. I have guns, i allways have two guns on me at ALL times. I would never pull my gun on some one Walking down the sidewalk. Please dont get a gun for your self, you my freind are not ment to have one. I say that with love, for you and all the folks you will ever come in contact with. Im sorry if i sound harsh, i dont know you but im sure your a good person. May God bless you and keep you and yours…

      • The Dalai Lama is credited with sayin, “A sense of concern for others gives our lives meaning; it is the root of all human happiness.” This is what I believe, if we cannot show compassion for each other regardless of race we have lost our humanity. Thank you for your comment and for visiting my site.

    • Jack White

      Your comments are BS. Zimmerman has already stated after he is acquitted he and his wife will be living a lavish life according to a taped phone conversation with his wife. Remorseful for killing someone….I doubt it seriously. Afraid for his life if he is aquitted …….yes for the rest of his life. SMH

  • scott

    The tides certainly have shifted as of late. Who would have thought from the onset?

  • Im so sorry for Trayvon. Im a 46 year old white man. This was Murder. The basterd that Murdered this wonderfull young American should get nothing less than LIFE or DEATH. I dont care if Trayvon spit on him, said bad things to him or any thing else. He was Murdered. I Pray GOD puts HIS hand on his parents and all Trayvons loved ones. America has lost its way. If the basterd gets away with this then we are and past the point of no return. I feel so upset over this and im not sure why it has affected me so much. May GOD be with us.

    • berda

      I sorry to say I think he will get off.

  • michael

    This could not have been anyones son. most kids dont start beating someones head in the ground for being followed. Kids are watched and confronted all the time by police, security, teachers, coaches, cititizens on patrol, fellow neighbors and yes neighborhood watchman. My 16 year old is stoped by a watchman he would tell him what hes doing, not start beating his head in the concrete. so no it could not have been anyones kids as most have respect and dont look for a fight just cause they are being followed by the man who was there to protect his and travons familys community. When your head in being beatin in the ground and you take action to stop it that is self defense not murder. if there was no gun travon would be the one on trial for murder as he was beating a man head to death.

    • Thanks for your comment. Unfortunately (based on the non-altered playback phone calls we’ve heard) , I don’t think that Zimmerman approached the situation by introducing himself as the neighborhood watch captain. If he had said, “Hi, I’m the local neighborhood watch captain. How are you? Are you visiting someone in the neighborhood?” Things may have turned out differently. Also, if the neighborhood had a string of recent robberies, when families were inviting guest or having a gathering (because it was the night of the big came) there should have been a system in place that alerted the community that others would be in the community during this time. Obviously, Trayvon didn’t jump Zimmerman in his car so I don’t think your point is well-founded. Many young teens regardless of race would be very disturbed and willing to to defend themselves if they were randomly being followed. Also note, that reports state Zimmerman was a self appointed neighborhood watchman and many of his neighbors feared him because of his extreme views and tactics.

  • Ian Nava

    My bigotted ex-wife told argued with me that because Zimmerman went to the hosptial the next day to get stitches, it showed that he was injurred the night before. I am not a doctor, but according to what I know, a fresh wound will try to heal itself and form a scab such that it will require extra treatment to stitch it up 12 hours or more later. Did anybody from the prosecution team check with the doctor to treated Zimmerman the morning after? The condition of the wound should indicate that it was broken an hour before he gets there, probably by his evil father who has no regard to laws and orders and tried everything to cover up this hedious crime. If they would have just come right out and confess, the whole country, including Travon’s family, would have forgiven him. But no, the damn father got involved and the cover up efforts began.

  • Cierra

    I don’t have all info and I don’t think no one does but from what I heard travon was hinding in boushes so why did he attack Zimmerman?

    • Although, there are only two people who know exactly what happened on that day in February almost a year ago. The picture that is painted of young black boys is often in accurate. I have 11 teenagers boys in my family. They all want to succeed. Some have a better grasp on how to do so than others, but in America they will have to fight for success just like any other child in America. There road to the life they desire will not be easy, it will be even harder than mine was. People automatically assume they just want to misbehave. For instance, just like I am often accused of being a teenage ignorant mother who doesn’t send her kids to school when I am out with my children, mainly because I appear to be so young and the color of my skin is black. Regardless of the fact that I am now a 30 year old professional and my children are not even school age yet, I am constantly asked to defend myself for no reason at all. When people see back boys many assume the worse first.

      Zimmerman’s rap sheet shows numerous offenses and run-ins with the law, the prosecutors chose to send this case to trail because they have enough evidence to convict Zimmerman of a crime; otherwise they would not have. Trayvon Martin was a teenager that was not making the best decisions; unfortunately, if he was warned about the imminence of his death he probably would have lived his life differently. But teenagers often don’t realize that their tomorrow is not guaranteed. Ask yourself, why would a kid who was going to the store to grab some snacks for after game be hiding in the bushes to attack someone? The 911 calls in ever way, whether altered or not, show that he was stalked, hunted, and died. There are other 911 calls that were not altered and yes, Trayvon had a smart mouth, but he was on the phone walking back to his cousins how, not in the bushes when he was attacked. If someone was following you for no apparent reason would you fight back?

  • The Black Man’s Plea for Justice
    Circulated on contribution published in Action Speaks 1983 newspaper/published in “Black Males Do Care” by Gloria J. Keith 1987/2013 Action Speaks Blogs
    I have helped to fill the forest, I have cleared your farming land; and your great commercial building is the labor of my hand.
    I have helped to train your children, cooked your food and wash your clothes,
    I have fed your cows and horses, swept your yard and scrubbed your floor’s, I have manufactured lumber, I have laid your rail Road steel,
    I have been a mighty power in your great financial wheel.
    I must ask a little favor at this time if you allow ruling powers of this nation will you give me justice now.
    I have helped to build your dwellings, shop, schools, churches, stores and all; I have help to place the paper and the paint up on your wall.
    I have been your friend and servant, one in whom you could confide. I have never failed her faltered, when others turn you aside, I have been a faithful neighbor, whether I was free or slave, I prepared your wedding supper, and dugged your father’s grave.
    I have gone with you to battle help settle every row; ruling powers of this nation will you give me justice now? I have smelled the brass and silver, I have manufactured goal, I have helped you to more great wealth which you control I have help to build your steamships sailing now up on the sea,
    In addition, the pace meant fewer cities are my hand at work if you please.
    I have moved away the rubbish, which would have destroyed your health; I have helped to raise the product, which supports the common wealth.
    I have cultivated Gloria Bush forms with my hoe; my mule and plow, ruling powers of this nation will you give me justice now?
    I seek not for special favors, what I seek for it is no task,
    I seek not for social dealings, justice, men, is all I ask.
    I seek better education in a better Negro school; I am seeking no relation, save those in the Golden rule.
    As you would that men should treat you, do you unto them likewise, every man in your domain ought to have a chance to rise.
    As the swine of this great nation, reverently I meekly bow,
    Ruling powers of this nation, will you give me justice now?
    Hear me statesmen I am pleading to defend a black man’s cause,
    Will you give me the protection in your domain laws?
    Will you let my colored plead my case within your courts?
    I am a citizen. I am loyal; will you recognize my vote.
    I paid dear for transportation over all your railroad tracks,
    I come up all requirements, and I always pay my tax.
    When I do not fill out blanks correctly, will you kindly teach me how?
    Ruling powers of this nation, will you give me justice now?

  • keith merritt

    Zimmerman will never be convicted because of the burden of proof that the state requires. So we preach about our judicial system and agree to stand by it and defend it. Will we still support it if Zimmerman is not convicted. The black community is begging for justice/conviction. Will they accept Zimmerman’s innocence if that is what justice dictates in this case???

  • jsipe

    It seems odd, but not surprising that we all talk of putting racism behind us, treating each and every person in society as an equal and not a skin color; but then suddenly this rectoric vanishes when it comes to really applying justice. Why is it whenever a black person goes on trial for anything we immediate see the “race card” played ? Why don’t we quit playing the “race card ” game that the media likes to propagate and just have a trial and let the jury do their job ? If Zimmerman is guilty, we should trust the jury to find him so and deal out the proper punishment.

  • carol

    Zimmerman is only guilty of doing his job as neighborhood watchman. I am sorry that the laws for all citizens are being thrown away by those who hold racial views and do not understand what the progressive is trying to do with the constitutional law of our right to bear arms. Zimmerman has a family that is in need of him as a husband and father breadwinner. The legal facts are on the side of Zimmerman.
    I am sorry this happened and pray that the six women can see the difference between stay in your car and stand your ground law.

  • kgfree

    My perspective of the whole situation is if blacks fit the profile of being threatening to society as wearing sagging jeans, wearing hoodies, ball caps to the back, or lots of tattoos, then the local police or law enforcement agencies will treat them as criminals. The media glorifies the thug image as its a part of our social norms. To blacks its swag or style to dress like this. The media also adopts the rebellious behavior in our youths, to do and say what ever they want. And if a situation come up, fight to get street justice because it’s a punk move to call the police. But in reality our society has been brainwashed to think this thug mentality is ok or wearing your clothes to portray a drug dealer/criminal is a fashion statement but displaying this character will get you profiled by the cops and labeled .

    If Travon Martin would have been more passive in his behavior, called the police that someone was following him, then this probably would have been a different outcome. Travon Martin was probably profiled because of his dress and his attitude the youths have today led to a unpleasant outcome.

    All in all, this is still the south. Racism still exist. It doesn’t justify the actions of Zimmerman was ok. His action was obsessive and wrong. The police advised him not to follow that kid but he harassed him. He took a life!!!!!! Zimmerman should have called the police to get him arrested but a fight broke out. Police have Tasers to subdue criminals. He shot the boy in cold blood because the boy picked a piece of pavement to defend himself with an aggressor with a gun. And got off in the judicial system as innocent under the self defense rule. I feel the outcome was not fair.
    In the past, blacks have been harassed in this manner countless of times of being racially profiled and with wrong doing by law enforcement agencies their actions were swept under the rug. A flash light cop wanting to prove himself in protecting a community of crime, get off the hook from murder. The past still haunts blacks today. Zimmerman’s life will never be the same again. Always looking over his shoulder and in hiding.

    • As far as the hoodies go. Hoodies is a college students uniform. While is it threatening attire when worn by a person with dark skin. When I was in college, we often purchased the hooded sweatshirts from our campus store. Hoodies are not suspicious attire.

  • Robert Jones

    judgement day is come all will be there the just and the unjust. each one recieving there rewarded some to honor some to dishonor. God say’s ” vengacnces is mine saith the Lord.”In the end the lord will decide. Travon is one many thru the ages that God will have the final say. So all of you who believe will stand at the end all of these kinds of injustice will be corrected once and for all.

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