Manage Monday: Your Carbon Footprint and Ways to Reduce it

What is a carbon footprint? In recent years these words have surfaced, your carbon footprint is simply your personal impact on the environment and climate change in relation to the total amount of greenhouse gases (carbon dioxide) your activities are causing. It is great to be considerate of the environment, but even better when you can do so effortlessly. I have made little subtle changes in the way my family and I do things so that our carbon footprint would be less.

  1. Buy used toys.  I once read that you shouldn’t by used toys, and I completely disagree. With a keen eye you can often find toys that are practically new; especially the noise makers, which are often educational but drive parents crazy because they don’t to hear them.
  2. I also by used books. I get them at very low prices and find that it is similar to checking them out from libraries, but the books I buy are used much less than those in the library.
  3. Use public transportation or walk. During the week whenever possible we take the local train to go where we need to. There is a grocery store so close that we can take a walk and pick up a handful of groceries. This also reduces the amount of meters we have to feed.
  4. If possible, have only one family car. Try biking or using public transportation. In addition, you should also plan your trips so that you will save time and fuel as well.
  5. Recycle your Batteries and other Electronics. Ikea, Walmart, and Best Buy (just to name a few stores) take some recycled items so take them along with you on your next shopping trip.
  6. Sell or give away your old clothes and other gently used items instead of putting them in the trash. As a child I didn’t like the saying, “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure,” but sites like Ebay and Craigslist have proven that this saying is still true.
  7. Print less. With computers and other tech gadgets our printing and paper use should be at a bare minimum.  Pay your bills online, send documents electronically (you can send large files through YOU SEND IT), transfer money through online banking, if your phone is a droid download the coupon app.
  8. Eat locally grown foods. If only I had someone to manage my garden for me, this suggestion would be a lot easier.  Thankfully, we have a local farmers market close by where we can benefit from their labor. In many cases, eating local fresh food is healthier for your body.
  9. Breastfeed. LOL. OK gentlemen, this one may be difficult for you, but support and encourage your spouse or girlfriend to breastfeed. The benefits are numerous and it saves money and time. Less bottles and their accessories, which in the end is less things you will have to throw a way.
  10. Unplug and turn things off when they are not being used. this will not only save electricity and energy, but money on your electric bill as well.

These suggestions, not only reduce your carbon footprint, but they will often save you money in the long run. so if you are trying to manage your impact on the environment and your wallet adhere to these simple 10 suggestions and you will.

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