3 Winter Fashion Trends You Need to Know About Today

3 Winter Fashion Trends

Another season, another list of fashion trends. While you don’t need to follow the wind wherever it goes, it’s good to at least understand which way it’s blowing. That way, you can figure out what works for your personal style and make the right purchases to accentuate your wardrobe.

Some things, of course, never change. It is impossible to go wrong with quality clothing and the classics. But at the same time, you don’t want to be boring and only wear stuff that makes you seem trapped in the early 2000s.

The key is to find the right balance and understand which clothing items are worth the investment and which you should pass on. And, by understanding the following 2020 trends that are taking hold this winter, you will be much more informed about how to proceed.

Ccokez wearing Asos Baggy Jeans
On IG as @ccokez and @asos

1. Bigger Is Better

Skinny jeans are starting to fizzle out. And for many people, this couldn’t have come sooner. Then again, streetwear fashionistas are now embracing more of a ‘90s style with wider, baggier cuts in everything from jeans to sweatshirts to performance gear. In some ways, this is just the pendulum naturally swinging back in the other direction after years of everyone trying to squeeze their way into smaller and smaller pants.

And there’s no better time for this to arrive than winter. Even the biggest skinny jean advocates must admit they aren’t the most functional way to dress in, say, the Northeast in January. Baggy is better for anyone trying to stay warm in the cold months ahead — and now they’ll be in style as they brave the elements.

Adanna from the blog Rattles and Heels
Adanna from the blog Rattles and Heels

2. High-Quality Outerwear

Summer fashion care be quite carefree. Sure, it’s nice to have some high-end linen shirts or designer board shorts. But unless you’re trying to impress CEOs on a yacht or surfing professionally, you just need comfortable, lightweight items that look nice. That is not, however, the case in the winter. If you don’t have some decent outerwear, you will be literally stuck out in the cold.

Now, higher-quality insulated coats may not be the cheapest items on the rack. But just looking at the figure is foolish. Here, you want to be thinking about value. When you find something great, you will immediately realize exactly what you’re paying for. With better down and rugged construction, the best puffy jackets are warmer, more comfortable and last longer.

This means that this coat will be with you for many, many years — and is even versatile enough for outdoor activities in low temperatures — as opposed to the bargain-basement options that are likely to tear within a few months and leave (often fake) feathers spilling out.

African American Blogger Elle wearing the KMillsCollection hot pink top
Blogger Elle wearing the KMillsCollection hot pink top – Picture from MissAri_Photos

3. Loud, Bright Colors

Even in the coldest, grayest months, some color should breakthrough. And in recent months, we have been seeing neon and bright, loud tones everywhere from Fashion Week runways to locker room fashion statement pieces so common across professional sports today. This isn’t exactly new in some spaces, but it is a trend that is peaking and will last through the winter.

For those not wanting to spend too much on colors that might be out of favor come next summer, the better bet might be to keep it more on the subtle side. Stark oranges, bright pinks and vibrant purples are definitely here to stay, but that highlighter yellow or eye-blinding green might be better left on the shelf.

Dress to Impress Fashion Trends

Trends come and go. Yes, you always want to be looking hip and modern, but who really has the excess funds to throw away hundreds of dollars on pieces that will be deemed unwearable six months down the line?

The key to making a good purchase on clothing is understanding which items will be both fresh now and have staying power. Even though baggier cuts are starting to take over, maybe you should find a happy medium that will last you longer, no matter the whims of fashionistas. Quality in outerwear is a value in and of itself, making this option a purchase you will never regret. And everyone will always need a pop of color here and there, so you will have good accent items for the long term if you choose smartly.

Just because the temperature is dropping, it doesn’t mean you should stop dressing to impress. Remember: As you head to retailers to find something new, make sure you are investing in looking your very best as well.

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