A Vacation Readiness Checklist

When you go on a vacation you always want the experience to be worry-free. Preparing the home is thus a necessity or you are going to just worry about things that you forgot or what might have happened at home. As you go through the list below, you can eliminate much of the stress associated with travelling and worrying about home. Fortunately, it is not that difficult to prepare your home for vacation.

Below is a Prepare Your Home for Vacation Readiness Checklist

Vacation Home Readiness Checklist

Vacation ReadinessMake It Seem As If The House Is Lived-In

The biggest problem when you travel for a longer time is that burglars might end up targeting your home. You want to make the home look occupied. Some tips to do this include:

  • Stop delivery for mail and newspapers. Alternatively, you can ask someone to pick these up.
  • Make sure the car is parked inside the garage.
  • Talk with a neighbor to occasionally park his car in your driveway. This makes it seem as if there is house activity.
  • At least one of the lights in your home should have a timer.
  • Motion-activated sensors should be installed on outdoor floodlights.
  • Be sure that the lawn remains trimmed as you are away.

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Vacation Readiness – Take Electrical And Plumbing Precautions

Fix It Right Plumbing in Cranbourne recommends that you are extremely careful with the running appliances since they are needless expenses and can lead to really costly problems. If you want to avoid having appliances breakdown as you are away, consider the following:

  • Unplug all small electronic devices and appliances.
  • Turn off the water valves leading to all sinks, the washing machine and the dishwasher.
  • Make sure the water heater is put in a vacation mode.
  • Set the thermostat to temperatures that are close to the outside temperatures, while still protecting pets, furniture and plants.

Other Things You’ll Want To Consider When Preparing Your Home for Vacation Readiness

For starters, you can notify the credit card company and the home security company that you are going to be out of town. Then, make 100% sure that all home smoke detectors are in proper working condition.

If you have a neighbor you trust, you want to leave him/her your emergency contact info. Get rid of all the food that would go bad before you get back from your vacation. Your kitchen trash should be removed, especially if there is anything in it that can end up smelling bad. If you have a garbage disposal, run it with water and half a cup of vinegar. Double check absolutely all the locks and test the home alarm system. These are often forgotten and you would be surprised to see how many burglars are savvy enough to realize that this step was skipped.

Final Thoughts

The home preparation checklist is definitely going to help you and remove many potential headaches that could appear later. However, you should never forget about the fact that unexpected things can always happen. Be sure that you have a really good travel insurance policy so you are covered, no matter what happens.

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Prepare your home for vacation readiness checklist and infographic

Prepare your home for vacation readiness checklist

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