June 2017

Glasses Are The New Cool

Glasses Are The New Cool

Promotional post from DiscountGlasses.com. If I had a picture of myself at 5 years old, I would insert it here. I was skinny, knock-kneed, and I wore big blue plastic eyeglasses. I was teased: called ugly, nerdy, and four-eyes. Hearing insults from my classmates everyday caused me to have low self-esteem. My glasses made me

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Is Wonder Woman for kids?

Is Wonder Woman For Kids?

  Wonder Woman entered theaters June 2, 2017 and killed box office records the first week. The movie showcases female empowerment on a number of levels.  Patty Jenkins is the films director and Gal Gadot is the lead character in the movie. The movie is well written and a dynamic film to watch. I couldn’t

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Healthy alternative to ice cream. Artic Circle Recap. Artic Zero Frozen Desset Review

Arctic Zero Frozen Desserts Review

I applied through Mom’s Meet Ambassador program to try Arctic Zero’s Frozen Desserts and share it with others.  I’m pleased that I was selected to participate in this campaign. About the Creator As a child, ARCTIC ZERO founder, Greg Holtman, vividly remembers caring for his mother–a type-1 diabetic. While Greg and his family loved sweets, especially

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