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Every year when I sit down to plan our family vacations I check Groupon Coupons first.

Why? We generally vacation with a large family group including aunts, uncles nieces, nephews and cousins. Because not everyone has the same budget we try to find deals and discounts that can help make the trip affordable for everyone. This also allows us to have more money left over to spend on souvenirs, food, and transportation.  When you are worried about how much things cost it can be hard to enjoy your time together.

Groupon provides a range of ways to save on travel. By going through Groupon Coupons first we can get deals on rental cars/vans, clothes for the trip, activities, restaurants, and of the getaway resort/hotel. You can even save on filing your taxes which can help you finance your travel by using online discounts from companies like TurboTax and H&R Block. We also found promo codes for stores like Macys and Nordstrom, which helped us save on swimwear and towels for beach trips.

The key to receiving the greatest savings when vacationing is to book early. So if you are a last-minute planner to save more you need to set your vacations dates in advance so you, your family, and your friends can reduce stress and pay less.

Finance Friday: Before You Travel Check Groupon CouponsSave More By Planning Early:

  1. Set an overall budget – This is step one because it will affect everything else. If you have a lot to spend you can be more flexible with dates and transportation.  If you don’t have lots to spend you will need to make some compromises. 
  2. Choose off-peak vacation dates – Many resorts and hotels raise prices during peak seasons. During the off season they are often cheaper and need people to fill their rooms.  
  3. Decide how far you want to travel – Do you want to do a stay-cation or do you want to go to the other side of the world.  Your budget will have a major impact on what you choose here. 
  4. Decide how you plan to get there (plane, train, automobile, boat) – While driving is nice and gives you more time to enjoy the scenery it does take much more time than flying.  Choose carefully and consider how much time you will need to spend recovering from jet lag.  
  5. Plan for meals and entertainment – Even if you get a awesome deal on your hotel and travel paying for food and entertainment can make your trip costly. Consider choosing a hotel with complimentary breakfast or maybe pick up some groceries and prepare some simple meals in your room.
  6. Discuss which events/activities best suit your family or friends needs – Make sure you plan activities and events for the whole group. While you may enjoy sitting on the beach sun bathing the kids in your family may not so try to plan things for them to do and offer options so no one has to be bored.

Remember, not having to buy airfare can always reduce your vacation amount and in the end keep more money in your pocket to spend on other things.

I love that Groupons GETAWAYS COLLECTIONS- Last Minute Travel tab has many destinations to choose from such as Hawaii, Myrtle Beach, Paris, Rome, Colorado, Mexico, Jamaica, Thailand, the Poconos, and many more. Some coupons will even include airfare and other perks like discount massages, amusement park tickets, whale watching, snorkeling, etc.

Last year we went to Myrtle beach and we had a blast. When you book early, room rates can start as low as $49/night. We stayed at a family friendly resort where the kids had an amazing time in the Lazy River and the amusement park. I also loved that the resort had day camp activities for the kids so the adults were able to have some time alone too. Our room also included discounts at several local attractions including restaurants, water parks and shops. Overall, we all had a blast together without breaking the bank.


Tips to remember:

  • Groupon’s customer service is stellar, so if you have any problems, the representatives will work with you.
  • Read the fine print. Many of the getaways have blackout dates, so traveling right before or right have peak vacation season is best.
  • The amount you pay, doesn’t expire even though the promotional value may.
  • Tax usually isn’t included, so save early and have lots of fun.
  • You can also maximize your savings by researching the deals on Groupon, follow them on Facebook and Twitter to stay on top of some of their most popular deals.

Reader Question: Where do you find the best travel deals?

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This post is sponsored. All opinions express herein are my own and may not reflect those of the sponsor company.