No More Plain Mom Styles – Hairspiration

Celebrity hairstyles are a perfect inspiration. Below are the hottest hairstyles for 2014, they are cute, sassy ,and classic with a twist. If you’re a mom and need a new due, check out the “hairspirations” below. Check out these trendy styles, and then hit the salon to request your all-new look. recommends bringing a photograph of the celebrity style you’d like to emulate, so your hairdresser will have an easier time recreating the look for you.

Here are a few great female celebrity hairstyles to start with.

The Asymmetrical Pixie

It’s a full-on pixie revival with many celebrities rocking this cropped style, such as Academy Award winner Jennifer Lawrence, Divergent star Shailene Woodley, and Grammy Award winner Chrisette Michele. The asymmetrical pixie cut is defined by having some pieces longer than others – meaning this cut is not for the obsessive compulsive. Many celebrities have opted to keep their bangs long, while the rest is cut choppy and short. Basically, the asymmetrical pixie cut lacks symmetry, so if you’re not defined by conformity, go ahead and ask for this new cut.  


The Classic Bob and The Long Bob

Do you admire Taylor Swift’s new locks? Swift is trying a new spin on an old classic. She’s got a long bob, and it’s ultra-chic. Both the classic bob and the long bob are back in style, but new twists on the classic include irregular parting and the just-rolled-out-of-bed tousled look. Other celebrities who are sporting this trending style include: Thandie Newton, Kristin Wiig, Chloë Sevigny, and Clemence Poesy.

Thandie Newton looks fabulous in her long bob.
Thandie Newton – long bob
Taylor Swift looks chic with her long bob hairstyle.
Taylor Swift – Long Bob

Grown Out Layers

If you’re not ready to ditch your long locks, don’t fret. Long, grown-out layers are in style for 2014, and celebrities, such as Krysten Ritter and Jennifer Lopez are currently looking glamorous with their grown-out layers. This look is defined by layers that begin closer to the bottom of your hair, as opposed to beginning above the chin. Ask your stylist to start your layers at your chin, or begin growing out layers you already have. This look does not include bangs, so if you have bangs, you can ask your stylist to angle them into your long locks.  

And Now … Male Celebrity Haircuts


Jennifer Lopez - Long Layers
Jennifer Lopez – Long hair

Manpunzels Hairstyles 

“Long, flowing locks used to be the domain of Hollywood’s female contingent – but no longer,” writes columnist Hannah Lyons Powell in her article Celebrity Manpunzels. “Tinseltown’s males are exploring longer lengths.” Jared Leto recently unveiled a long-haired look (inspired by Jesus?) that made waves at the Oscars because…well…his hair was really wavy. Male celebrities, such as Daniel Radcliffe and Ashton Kutcher, seem keen on keeping their manpunzels, so this is definitely the look to emulate in 2014.  

Business as Usual Hairstyles 

No one can deny that both Josh Duhamel and Zac Effron are eye-candy for the ladies. These groomed, but not uptight, dudes keep their hair clean and well-styled. If you want to emulate this business casual look, ask your stylist to keep things clean along the sides, but a little longer up top. Then, see that she adds a bit of pomade to keep your style chic. If you’re an older gentlemen, this look still works. See: Anderson Cooper and Jon Hamm.

The Spiky Look

Spikes will remain in style in 2014. This look has been around for a while, and for good reason. It’s smart, sophisticated and sexy. Spiderman, Andrew Garfield, sports spikes, as does the always dapper Bradley Cooper. You can choose to cut spikes two ways. You can choose hair to be short and apply gel or pomade to small locks, or you can let your hair grow a few inches, and choose to spike longer pieces. It’s entirely up to you, but keep in mind that the shape of your face, and color of your hair, will play a role in how this look turns out. 


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