Review: Dolphy’s Educational Games for Children 4-10

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Children born in the 21st century will be expected to be able to compute and type better than all the generations before them and at an earlier age. Computers are almost as common as TVs in today’s home and now, many homes are replacing their TVs with computers. Dolphy personalized games is an excellent way for children to learn while using a computer. The games are educational, fun, and kid-friendly. The personalization of the game helps a child feel safer and more engaged.

We were given an opportunity to explore and learn more about Dolphy Personalized games for children ages 4-10 years old.

Dolphy Personalized Educational PC Games for kids ages 4-10What We Liked the Most about Dolphy’s Personalized PC Games

    • I like that the games were available for my old PC, which I allow my children to play with.
    • The games help children explore and learn math, reading, typing, words and more
    • The female voice providing verbal feedback is pleasant and soothing.
    • Throughout the game a child will receive encouragement and positive verbal reinforcement.
    • The game notifies a child when an answer is incorrect, reveals the correct answer, and then gives the child a different question.
    • Provides various learning levels (easy, medium, and difficult). Each learning level helps enhance a new skill such as following verbal cues.
    • Dolphy Personalized Educational PC Games for kids ages 4-10The games are colorful so that the child will enjoy looking at and playing with the game.
    • The games are age appropriate and will help challenge children when they use the different levels.
    • We explored 9 different educational games from 3 categories: learning games, thinking games, and fun with words and numbers.
    • Helps children see the beauty of nature through puzzle pictures.
    • Provides verbal affirmation and applause once the child has correctly completed the game.
    • Offers games that are fun and that teach problem solving and concentration skills. Tic Tac Toe and Checkers games are great Dolphy games because children can better their skills by playing against the computer which offers them a challenge.
    • Helps enhance a child’s listening skills. (Animal Words Game and Numbers Puzzle)
    • Upper and lower case letter recognition (Animal Letters Game)
    • Dolphy Personalized Educational PC Games for kids ages 4-10The matching game helps to create new learning opportunities for children to learn from pictures. For instance, when you choose matching, and then fruits and vegetables children can see cherry’s on a tree and other healthy options.

a>What We Liked the Least about Dolphy’s Personalized PC Games

  • The computer pronunciation of my daughter’s name was incorrect.
  • Tip: when you give your child’s name, provide the name phonetically so the pronunciation will be correct.
  • The games are fun, but it didn’t offer a large selection for my girls to choose from.
  • Overall, the games are well thought-out and created with helping children in mind. We really liked Dolpy’s personalized PC games.

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A free product was received for this review.
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