Free Staples Deals for the Week of February 25th through March 2nd

If you have a home office, kids, or a business these are great deals that may interest you. You can start taking advantage of these deals in a Staples store located near you right now. The specific dates are: Sunday, February 25 though Saturday, March 2, 2013.

Free Deals

Please remember you have to be a rewards customer and  you will not receive the coupon for your entire purchase amount until about 1 month later (which makes the item FREE). It takes a little time, but the coupon can be used on their future deals like cleaning supplies. Click here for the Staples coupon.

Free Paper with Staples Rewards


You can also get 20% off your purchase of other items and a free staples reusable tote with the following coupon. In my experience the items don’t usually have to go in the bag, the cashier generally gives you 20% off of your entire purchase regardless of what it is, unless it is excluded in the fine print. I typically buy  ink for my printer during these types of deals.

20 % off everything that can fit into this bag

Reader Response: Are you interested in me sharing deals like these on my blog? I like getting free things with no strings attached so I want my readers to be able to take advantage of the same deals I like.

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