March 2012 Earthquakes Felt around the World: USA, Chile, Iran, France…

I am always intrigued when I hear reports about earthquakes in the U.S. on the east coast. Last night there was an earthquake in Mineral, VA that was felt as far as Chesapeake.

Within the last 24 hours Earthquakes were felt around the world. Everyday, there are usually hundreds of minor earthquakes all of the time, which don’t make it onto our local news stations. In fact, on Friday South Australia, experienced one of their biggest earthquakes within the last 15 years. The earthquake was a magnitude of 6.1.  Similarly, within the last 24 hours, many countries are reporting earthquakes greater than a 3.0 magnitude.

March 25, 2012


7.2 earthquake, offshore Maule, Chile. Mar 25 6:37pm at epicenter (8m ago, 98km WNW of Talca, depth 10km).

Mineral, Va.

Magnitude 3.1 earthquake struck near Mineral, Va., Sunday, March 25, 2012 at 11:21pm ET.

Dominican Republic

Magnitude  3.1 – Sunday, March 25, 2012 at 01:28:12 PM at epicenter. Depth 96.6 km (60.0 miles).


Magnitude 4.5 earthquake, Guatemala. Mar 25 8:01pm at epicenter (26km SSE of Cuilapa, depth 19km).

Earthquake report from the last 7 days

March 26, 2012


Magnitude 3.1 – Europe France Tredion, location: 47.80 N ; 2.62 W Date/Time: 26.03.2012 06:49:47 UTC 2


Magnitude 4.8 – Southeastern Iran- 2012 March 26, 00:06 UTC. Depth 74 km.


Magnitude 4.8 earthquake, near the east coast of Honshu, Japan. Mar 26 11:33am at epicenter (17m ago, 75km E of Hachinohe, dep…

Puerto Rico

Magnitude 3.0, Puerto Rico region Depth: 44.90 km Mar 26 10:05:16 2012 BST


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