Happy Black History Month! How will you celebrate?

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February is here. How do you plan to celebrate Black History Month. Regardless of race or nationality. One unifying message I gain from the civil rights leaders and great black leaders throughout all of history is that we need to love others. A couple of weeks ago we celebrated Martin Luther King Day; although we typically have the day off of work, some people say MLK Day should be a “day on” not “off.” What do they mean? Martin Luther King was selfless. He devoted his life to helping all people not just blacks, his fight was for oppressed people in general. Thus, this month and on his birthday I believe  the best way to commemorate the day and celebrate the month is to volunteer and serve our undervalued communities.

If you would like to learn how to find volunteer opportunities in your community. I recently wrote a guest post on social moms that is called “Volunteering: How to Find Ways to Serve Others.” The post outlines how to plan, evaluate, and secure a volunteer opportunity that is right for you and in line with your interests. If you are thinking that you don’t have time devote to helping others, consider helping out on a weekend with your family every couple of months or a few times a year. It feels good to help others while at the same time adding joy to your own life.

Why Black History Matters?

Black history month is important because it is a symbol of hope. The month is a reminder to Americans that our nation was founded by immigrants from many different parts of the world. It reminds us that even when faced with adversity, through hard work and perseverance change is possible. It says that dreams do come true. It also proves that we all need each other. The triumphs in black history were not achieved by only black people, people from many different heritages had a role to play.

This month I will teach my children about black inventors like:

  • James S Adams who patented a propelling means for airplanes
  • George Edwards Alcorn patented a Imaging X-ray spectrometer
  • Nathaniel Alexander patented a Folding Chair
  • Bertram F Baker patented a Automatic Cashier
  • Patricia Bath patented the method and apparatus for ablating and removing cataract lenses
  • Edmond Berger patented the Spark plug
  • Bessie Blountpatented a device to help the disabled eat
  • David M Bondu patented the Golf tee
  • Cap B. Collins patented a portable electric light
  • Samuel T. Crawford patented a comb
  • John Thomas Darkins patented a ventilator
  • Lewis B. Dorcas patented a stove
  • Robert F. Flemmings Jr. patented a Guitar
  • William Hale, patented a Motor vehicle
  • Alice Parker of Morristown patented a new and improved gas heating furnace that provided central heating.
  • Valerie Thomas received a patent for inventing an illusion/TV transmitter.
  • James E. Young is crediting with inventing improved battery performance control.

The African American list of inventors is long and interesting, I will teach my children about them because I want them to learn that learning is important and the more they work hard and study, the more they can grow, develop, and help others. Growing up my mother taught me about black inventors and I remember feeling a sense of pride and a sense of accomplishment.Being able to see inventors that I could relate to gave me hope that no dream or achievement was out of my reach if I set my mind to it.I want my own children the Think Big and achieve their dreams.

How will you celebrate?

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