Guest Post: Ways to Negotiate your Insurance Rates

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Negotiating your insurance rates can save you thousands of dollars.  A lot of people do not realize that they have every right to negotiate their insurances rates to a lower price.  Insurance agents have the goal of signing new policies, so it proves prudent to negotiate with them.  Agents will jump through hoops in making your insurance shopping easy.  If you have been contemplating negotiating your insurance costs, it proves advantageous to read this article to find out how you can prove successful in this venture.

  • Research Insurance Companies and Rates Before attempting to negotiate with insurance agents, you must conduct thorough research.  One of the greatest assets that our society has is the Internet.  Go online and search for reputable insurance companies and collect term life insurance quotes.  You want to find insurers who can provide the same coverage you have with your current policy.  It proves wise to not gather so many quotes that it proves tedious to keep up with them.  Begin your task with a minimum of six quotes.  This task will give you a chance of finding insurance policies that prove more cost-efficient in comparison to your current policy.
  • Gather Your Evidence (quotes) After gaining quotes, sort them in order ranging from less expensive to most expensive.  When contacting life insurance agents, have the less expensive quotes in hand, for they will prove a powerful negotiating tool.  Be willing to send the company a fax or email containing the less expensive quotes proving that you can get cheaper rates from the other insurance companies. There is an excellent chance that the agent you are negotiating with will go out of his or her way to match or exceed the lower price from the competitors.
  • Call Your Insurance Agent The next step is to call your insurance company.  It proves essential to stay polite, yet firm when negotiating new insurance rates. Inform your agent that you are seeking better pricing for your insurance coverage.  Request their help in reaching your financial plan.  Often, agents will do whatever it takes to assist you as long as you remain polite and friendly.
  • Brace Yourself No matter how polite, firm and friendly you are when speaking with your insurance agent, there is always a chance they will not give a better price.  When this proves to be the case, you should seek out other options.   Always remain open for negotiation. When you negotiate insurance rates, this can lead to tremendous savings.  Let us face it, our economic times have proved difficult for everyone which is why experiencing a decreased price for your current policy or a new policy proves worth every effort in negotiating new insurance rates.

You want to save as much as possible while having policies that provide comprehensive coverage.  Nothing in life is free, but this statement does not mean that families have to settle for whatever rate insurance companies want to offer.  You do have choices, and it proves more critical than ever to renegotiate or negotiate insurance rates.


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