Like ShopRite’s Facebook Page. For every like they receive, one can is donated to a local Food Bank.

Post Update: Thanks for your help! ShopRite will donate 41,500 cans to local Food Banks near their stores.

The New Year and holiday season is a great time for reflection and giving. Recently, giving back in a variety of different ways has been weighing on my heart. Many of us are so blessed and fortunate to have all of our needs and wants met, while others are constantly struggling to keep a job and maintain a normal lifestyle. The recession in America  has not totally lifted and families are suffering the most. So today, I am going to share an awesome and simple way that we can help.

All month long, from January 1st through January 31st, ShopRite (a grocery store chain) is donated one can for each “like” their official Facebook Page receives, up to 50,000 cans. By liking their page we are doing something simple, yet badly needed for others to help feed families in our communities. Families are really in need of this help so join me in liking ShopRite’s Page today.

Disclosure: The information about this campaign has been provided to me by ShopRite through MyBlogSpark. By posting this campaign on my site, I have an opportunity to win a prepaid ShopRite gift card provided by ShopRite through MyBlogSpark. Below is last year’s “Can Can Sale” commercial.

More about ShopRite’s “CANS FOR FANS” Campaign

I like shopping at companies that look out for the community and in “2011 ShopRite donated 40,000 cans of food to local food banks in commemoration of 40 years of Can Can savings by way of its famous, annual Can Can Sale. Now in its 41st year, the Can Can Sale has become extra special with the “Cans for Fans” Facebook program, which enables fans to get involved in the fight against hunger. During the 2012 Can Can Sale (1/5 – 1/21), ShopRite will donate one can of food (up to 50,000 cans) to local food banks in the communities it serves, on behalf of every new ShopRite Facebook fan.”

  • Please “like” ShopRite’s Facebook page to donate a can, and tell your friends and neighbors to do the same (
  • Visit ShopRite´s “Get Can Canned” website at, to upload a personal photo and become a virtual ShopRite Can Can dancer; the image can be emailed to friends, shared via your personal blog, Facebook or Twitter account, or posted to ShopRite’s official Facebook page
  • Visit for the Can´t Can´t Wait Sale Preview on Sunday, January 1st (The sale is already under-way)

If you’d like to help fight hunger in other ways, consider donating to the ShopRite Partners In Caring Fund or lending a hand directly to your area food banks. For more information, visit

Visit ShopRite's Facebook Page to donate a can.
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