Who’s the Judge?

My biggest fear growing up was that I would get pregnant out of wedlock and have a baby. Crazy fear? Yes, for me it was and also totally unfounded. I was so afraid, that I did not even date. I was way too afraid of being judged by other people. After I married, and had children almost 3 years later, when I walked the streets people automatically assumed that I was unmarried. In fact, one day while I was at church with my daughters in the “mother’s room” a lady said, “I don’t know how you single women do it.” I smile and “I don’t know how they do it either, my husband and I are blessed to have each other.” No matter what you do in life, people will always judge you. They don’t need to know you are your situation, they will, it is just a fact of life.

Kyla Pratt on 106 & Park

Recently, Kyla Pratt a young (now 25 year old) celebrity revealed that she had a daughter turning a year old soon. Immediately, the internet started to get flooded with judgmental talk about whether or not she was married. The fact is, no matter how liberal our world may seem people still judge you with moral barometer. I think that mothers and fathers, no matter what age they are, should be supported loved and encouraged. For years people have given birth while unmarried and this is not going to change, but what can change is our attitude towards others.

Several years ago the celebrity Brandy told the world that she was married and pregnant, after the relationship began to dissolve she revealed that she was never married. Why did Brandy feel the need to lie? Because she was afraid of the judgement of others. As a mom to daughters, I hope that I will raise my daughters to have the courage to make the right choices and no matter what happens in their life to always hold their heads high and walk tall because they are intelligent, valuable, and beautiful. I want them live comfortably in their own skin, knowing that what other people think of them is not the most important factor in this life. What is most important is how they honor God with their lives; especially with their willingness to serve others.

Kudos to all moms, whether single are married, just live, love, and do your best.

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