Manage Monday: 5 Unpacking tips that will help your breathe easier

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After traveling it is easy to feel tired and unmotivated about unpacking, but putting it off will only lead to piles of clutter later. Here are some great ways to tackle your packed bags before you no longer have time and feel like it is a chore to do so.

1. Unpack immediately when you arrive. To ease your fears of bringing home any outside germs it may be best to  wash all of your belongings. Yes you will feel tired from traveling, but if you unpack and wash things now you will rest better knowing that everything is completed.

2. When you unpack, or after all of your items are washed put everything back into its designated spots. Don’t just sit a couple of items on your dresser or night stand or laundry shelves, by putting them away immediately, you will not have to worry about where they are later. This will save you time and help you feel less overwhelmed.

3. Do the easiest things first that way, you will feel more accomplished than if you started with the hardest task. Start unpacking the most like items you have first, such as your clothes and then unpack your shoes and toiletries etc.

4. Once your suitcase and/or hanging bags are empty, vacuum them out so that you get rid of anything that may be lurking inside like bed bugs.

5. If you have items that need to be dry cleaned place them in a bag and take them to the cleaners the very next day or the same day if you still have time.

You want to stay on top of your packing now, so later on you wont feel out-of-control. Good luck and happy unpacking. If you put the task off, there will always be something else that you need to complete and it could possibly take you weeks to put everything way.

Do you have any unpacking tips that you would like to share. I would love to hear them.

Manage Monday Free Resource: Sane Spaces is a site that offers free printable organization resources which help you stay focus when you are ready to organize.

Here is a Youtube Video that shows you how to clean your luggage just in case there may be bedbugs.

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