Image Credit: C.S. Anderson

Before I had kids I probably would not have cared about airlines; hotels; movie theater; or stores banning kids, but now that I do, I am a bit concerned. I love my kids and I want to be free to take them with me when I go out. I want to be able to decide where they can and cannot go without someone else dictating that decision for me.

According to a recent article published by Yahoo’s Shine: “The no-kids-allowed movement is spreading.” Once companies start telling us we cannot bring our children along, what’s next?

There are times when parents want to still feel a part of the rest of the world. What can we do if the places that we enjoy ban our children?

I understand why some places would want to ban children, but I believe the ramifications from these bans would be tough on parents and children a like. Kids should feel accepted. These rules and life in general can be tough on them. I also, wouldn’t want parents to resent their kiddos because they feel chained to their homes…I know I am jumping the gun a bit. It just reminds me of the saying,  “children are better seen and not heard.” Liberates adults, but promotes poor self esteem in children. Children are a gift from God, how will they learn how to act in different places when they are older, if they are banned from them?

I think a few places may be OK, but grocery stores…really, if people don’t have anyone to take care of their kids how would they buy food? Unfortunately, I believe reports of neglect and abuse would probably increase and we don’t need children having a tougher time than they are already going through.

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