Gotta Get My Life in Order, One Room at a Time

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This year I have decided to share a couple of my passions.  Today is Manage Monday.  Getting organized is one of people’s stop New Year resolutions so I am dedicating Mondays, as a day to help you and me get our lives in order. Here are a few simple tricks starting with your kitchen.

Here are 5 Simple Tips to help you get your kitchen in order

  1. Start with your food. Yes, if your refrigerator is dirty it can make you detest cooking and turn your stomach upside down.  Whenever you buy new groceries, search the refrigerator and get rid of anything that needs to be thrown out.
    • Clean surface areas quickly and check the expiration dates of food and condiments that may have been in there a while.
    • Suite tells its readers how long meat and dairy products are good.
    • Each month take a few minutes to look through pantry for items that need to be tossed.
  2. Label Food Containers. No one wants leftovers in the fridge after a couple of days so label your leftovers when you place it into the fridge.  Labeling saves you from having to play a guessing game.
  3. Categorize. Group similar foods, seasons, pots, pans, utensils, etc together.  Whenever you need something, you should be able to find it quickly just by thinking of its association.
    • In my cabinet I section my seasons by what kind they are.  This came in handy when I was pregnant and I had some help in the kitchen I was able to tell the person where they could find what they were looking for without ever having to get up.
    • Pots and pans that are rarely used I keep them on my furthest shelves and in cabinets, and only pull them out when needed. For spices you use frequently, consider a spice rack from Ikea, the krogen is versatile and cost effective.  If it doesn’t go with your decor they have others available.
  4. Utilize Extra Space. For example, behind cabinet doors can be used to arrange and hold different items like, cleaning supplies, paper towels, aluminum foil, plastic wrap, sandwich bags etc.
  5. Recycle items you no longer want or need. Appliances that take up space and are not used can be donated to a thrift store that helps a local charity. Your local utility company may also have a recycling program and even pay money for some big used appliances. I recommend checking your respective utility company for details.

Find out what works for you and your personal habits.  If you are not a person that will plan to keep your spices alphabetize, don’t waste your time and energy.  Try simple, but effective ways to manage your kitchen and encourage yourself to keep it orderly.

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