5 Ways I Fell in Love With My Husband Over the Weekend

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Not long ago, my husband was in a serious accident. It was horrific for me to hear about the details, but the good news is, he survived and is healing quickly. Thankfully, I still have more time to make new memories with him and our girls. This weekend I fell in love with him all over again.

First, my husband loves to work. I think it’s his work ethic that I admire most about him. When I consider giving up, I always think about how consistent he is and I continue to pursue my own dreams because of the example he provides me and our kids. This weekend, after two full days and late nights, he changed both of our back tires, cut the grass, completed work for his clients, and helped me shop at the grocery store.

It was while he was changing the car’s tires, and teaching the girls how to tighten the wheels that I glanced over at him and was reminded that He is still the same loving and thoughtful guy I met in college.

Second, it’s the simple things he does that makes me happy. We have a busy week ahead of us, so he filled-up the car’s gas tank so I don’t have to worry about it during the week. Just thinking about this simple gesture, makes me smile.

Third, when I see him interact with his daughters, my heart melts with joy. I love watching him pray with our daughters and then hug and kiss them goodnight. I can’t help but love the way my girls see their Dad as if he is their personal super hero.

Fourth, I’m so proud of him. Now, that I am writing it, I realize that I should tell him more, how fascinating he is to me. One moment that stood out to me was, He took some time this weekend to talk to me about a few things he wants to carry out. I think a man with dreams is sexy and I’m in love.

Fifth, I’m learning how to become more faithful, because of him. Trying to consistently read the word everyday, like I should is difficult, but he studies the Word diligently in the mornings and I’m glad that he is leading our family in the right direction.

Every day that goes by, I feel blessed to have him at my side. Everyday, I am cherishing the moments we have together. It’s funny, because he doesn’t tell me he loves me often, but these 5 simple acts love mean more to me than if he yelled it at the top of his lungs.

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