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Top 10 Uses for Pampers Wipes

Win a Gentle Spring Cleaning Basket from Pampers

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My all time favorite baby shower gift is giving gentle cleaning wipes. The fact is, a person can never have too many wipes. There are no age restrictions and they come in handy for so many different useful situations.

Here are my top 10 uses for wipes just in time for Spring Cleaning:

  1. Great for getting out simple food stains in kids’ clothes.
  2. Great for traditional uses, such as body/bottom wipes.
  3. Perfect for wiping off makeup.
  4. Great for floor or table spills.
  5. Cleans sticky toys.
  6. Cleans dusty areas.
  7. Cleans soiled hardback book covers.
  8. Cleans sandy hands after leaving the park.
  9. Cleans some car spills
  10. Great for cleaning your laptop and keys

How did I share the gift of gentle clean?

Recently, my friend came by with her 9 month old daughter and I had just received my Pampers Gentle Clean prize pack. I asked her to try them as she changed her daughter’s diaper. Overall, she liked them.

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Facebook Comments

  • Elena

    I use them to wipe cats paws

  • Harmony B

    I use them to wipe the couch

  • We use wipes to clean hands after park time.

  • I love any Pampers product

  • Kelly D

    I use wipes to clean my kid’s hands and faces.

  • Actually I like to use them on myself after the restroom, just an extra step to feeling clean.

  • Rachel H.

    I use baby wipes on EVERYTHING! Really love them for quick cleaning!

  • latanya

    I use them to wipe down kitchen counters

  • i use them to wipe my daughters face

  • Allison Downes

    I use them for a lot of things, wiping up faces, cleaning our dogs paws etc

    Thanks for the chance to win!

  • Heather Hayes Panjon

    I Use Wipes To Wipe Off Furniture, Also Great For On The Go To Clean Face And Hands.

  • Heather Dawn

    I use them to wipe of faces and to wipe off my counter tops.

  • I literally use them for everything, messy faces (and hineys!) floor messes, cabinet messes, my face, you name it i probably do it!

  • Christina Dutra

    My fiance uses wipes to clean up dust on the entertainment center, we use them to clean the fridge door and handle, we use them in the restroom and we use them on our floor when we get scuff marks on them.

  • I use them as a supplement to toilet paper

  • Julie D

    I use it to wipe tushies, clean tables and chairs and restaurants for the kids and to wipe kids hands after the park! Julie

  • Tina W

    Without getting too graphic, I’ve been helping my elderly father since he came home from the hospital…..

  • Vera K

    I use them to mop up messy faces.

  • I use them to clean my children’s faces and hand.

  • amanda whiltey

    i use wipes to clean my children ‘s messy hand and faces after eating

  • laura ari

    I use them on the dog’s paws after walks in the winter on salted surfaces.

  • Usually end up using wipes to clean up my daughters sticky messes hahah!

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