Manage Monday: New Couponing Apps are Making it Easier to Save

If you could make more than $50 in about 30 minutes would you? Well, couponing is similar to making money only you’re able to hold onto your money longer. I am currently trying to save money for a family trip and have decided to amp up my savings by using coupons to purchase items my family needs.

Couponing Can Be Challenging 

It has always been a challenge using grocery store coupons, but apps on mobile devices are making it a lot easier. It took me about 30 minutes to study the grocery store (Safeway) ad, find additional coupons, and create a list to follow. The #1 key to buying with coupons is to mainly buy goods that are on sale and add a coupon on top of the sale item for the greatest amount of savings.

Just for U Couponing App 

I shopped at Safeway because their new Just for U App makes saving, Couponing, and shopping much easier. You can even type your grocery list within the app and share it with others if you need to. This was my first time using their app and I am pleased to share that I was able to save $72.81. I purchased 51 items and used manufacture coupons in conjunction with the store coupons, I left the store, excited and happy. My favorite part about this app is that it allows you to send your coupons directly to your store savings (Club) card, which takes the hassle out of manually clipping coupons.

GroceryiQ Couponing App 

There is also another app I use to grocery shop called GroceryiQ. The best part of this app is that it allows you to print coupons directly from your phone to your wireless printer. It even makes searching for coupons based on the list you typed almost automatic. You can learn more details about this app from The Digitwirl blog.


Couponing Blogs

Many bloggers have made couponing much easier by telling you exactly what items to buy and which coupons to use to maximize your savings. The main blogs I use to help me with my coupons are: and


Reader Response:

Do you use coupons while in-store grocery shopping, in-store retail clothing shopping, or when purchasing items online using coupon codes. Which do you prefer?


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