5 Ways To Take Your Blog to the Next Level this Year

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The popularity of blogging has skyrocketed in recent years and bloggers are always wondering how can we stay on top and get our blogs momentum going? If this is your desire, here are my recommendations.

1. Evaluate your goals.

What purpose do you want your blog to serve? What are some milestones that you want to accomplish this year? Is there a new audience that you would like to reach? Sometimes when you start blogging or a start website in general, overtime your needs and focus changes. Therefore you need to access and hone in on what changes need to take place to keep up with the demands and interest of your audience.

2. Draft a plan.

Inevitably, putting things into writing helps bring them to fruition. When drafting a writing plan answer these questions.

What need is my blog/website providing?
How often do I need to address this need / these needs?
What are the best ways for me to answer this need (i.e. written posts, video, audio, tips, how-to guides, guest post etc.)?
Where does my audience hang out? You may be meeting the needs of a particular group, but if they don’t know how to connect with you, your efforts are in vain.
What are the best ways you can connect with each other?

3. Assess appeal.

Many people are visual learners so choosing an eye-catchy design will help lure them into taking a closer look. Visually, make it a first impression that is memorable. There are some sites that I don’t read I visit them because I like to see what’s new visually.

Visually is your blog or website easy to navigate.
Do you have a functional Search option on your site?
When you visit your homepage what pops out at you immediately?
At least once a year have a professional take a look at your site to help guide you in the right direction and make sure you’re on track.

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4. Expand

If you want to reach a broader audience brainstorm ways that you can meet others. Effectively using social media tools (such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc) are immediately given and a no-brainier, but think outside the box too.

Do you have business cards that you can share while shopping?
Do you have a local radio station that airs a show similar to your niche?
Are their groups or organizations In your community that targets a similar audience?

5. Time

This is a key factor that must be managed wisely in order for you to achieve success. Time is a luxury only afforded to some, so if you have time, use it to you advantage.

Timing: Maintain relevancy. Be an innovator that is the first to share information in your niche.

My motto this year is “No procrastination, only performance!” Thus be vigilant to get things done quickly rather than saving them for another day.

By mastering your time you will be taking your first step to becoming a leader in your niche.

Is there something you think I should have included in this post? If so, let me know.

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