Finance Friday: 6 Ways to Save Money Without Using Coupons


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We all know that money doesn’t grow on trees. So whether the time of plenty has changed or not, some people are really trying to decrease their spending and save money. Couponing is not for everyone so here are other ways to help you save big.

Get your money’s worth

  • When you buy a car, continue to use it until it is absolutely necessary to get another one. Don’t just change it because you are done paying for it or you want to impress your friends.
  • Use your entire bottle of lotion and any other product before you give it up and have half unused bottles sitting around your house. Most people won’t pick up those bottles again; instead they develop a clutter stash.

Buy generic

Some things are very similar in quality when they are generic. In fact, some of the same companies make the generic products they just design and package them differently. Here is a list of “10 products to always buy generic.”

Cut costs by evaluating and making small changes

  • Last week I reevaluated my cell phone, cable, Internet, and Netflix plan. I realized that I could buy a cable modem from the store for cheaper then renting one for a year. My Internet and cable company also offers specials to existing customers so I chose to take advantage of those deals.
  • Evaluate your insurance cost. Every few years check and see if you could save money by switching car insurance companies. If you have health insurance make sure your plan is right for you and your family. Try not to under or overpay. Consider your needs and buy accordingly. Find out whether or not you need additional coverage like dental, vision, or if you have Medicare find out if it would be wise to purchase Medicare supplements or a Medigap plans. Just take an active approach to the services you are paying for.
  • Talk to a financial adviser to see if there are other things that are unique to you and your situation that you can do to save money.

Shop Second-hand

Everything doesn’t have to be new when you buy it. Many clothes, electronics, cell phones, cars etc can save you lots of money when you purchase them used.

Try ebay, craigslist, amazon, etc because these services usually are reliable and offer some of the cheapest and best deals.

If you are looking fordiscounts on electronics, some of the greatest cost savings can be found on or when you ship-to-store at major retailers like Best Buy.


  • Encourage potlucks with your friends once in a while. Making one meal to share is a lot cheaper than making a four / five course meal on your own. Here are several tips on how to have an awesome Potluck.
  • Car pool, this saves gas, helps the environment, and may help you get to know more people.
  • Swap used clothes with friends.

Set-up a list of No’s and abide by them

  • No, I will not purchase items I cannot afford
  • No, I will not get money out of an ATM that charges me fees
  • No, I will not purchase items I don’t use, just because they are on sale
  • No, I will not buy snacks out of machine; instead, I will bring my own beverage, chips, crackers, etc.
  • No, I will not eat every meal at a fast food restaurant.

And the list goes on…and…on


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  • Omg… have you tried the whole couponing thing? Its like a job in it self. And I think I only saved like 2 bucks! These are great tips! I definitely do the generic. Love saving money!

    • Yes, I try to coupon when I can, but you really have to schedule it into your life if you want to be successful. I can’t wait until my kids are old enough to help me cut the coupons out, :D. Now, I try to cut them when I am watching TV (which is very rare). Coupons just aren’t for everybody, because after you cut, you have to sort, after you sort you have to look through the the ads, and then when you are actually in the store you have to look around for the exact items. My advice for people that want to benefit from couponing is to start small. Go into the store with the mindset that you only want to purchase things you have coupons for. I get my greatest savings at CVS. But that story can take a while to explain. So I will draft it another day 🙂

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