The Cleverly Changing Homeschool Podcast Hosted by Elle and Miriam

The biweekly Cleverly Changing Homeschool Podcast features two down to earth moms and longtime friends, Elle and Miriam. These two black moms are sharing their thoughts, feelings and ideas on navigating homeschooling, unschooling, self-directed education, raising black children in America, African centered education and all things motherhood. Raising liberated free thinkers while creating new patterns and ways of parenting and teaching. They believe that learning starts in the womb and that all women are the caretakers of their fragile little Universes. Just like an egg, if it’s squeezed too tight and it can break, and if it’s held too loosely it can slip and fall, but when it is warmed and nurtured it will transform into unimaginable greatness and endless potential.
The Cleverly Changing Homeschool Podcast isn’t just for the grown-ups, bring your children in to meet the Cleverly Cultured Kids. “Out of the mouths of babes…” Listen to Elle and Miriam’s little humans talk about what’s on their minds. Everything from real-life situations to probing questions.
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