Finance Friday
Analyze Your Small Business Financials Today

Tips on Analyzing Your Small Business Finances

No matter how large or small a company happens to be, there tends to be one major concern held across the board—finances /money. A business can only succeed if it eventually sees a profit, and for small business owners, knowing ...
Finance Friday
Get Your Finances to Spring Forward

How to Get Your Finances to Spring Forward

Yay! Finance Friday time when we have a real conversation about our personal finances. This discussion is to urge you to be aware of where your money is going and how much is coming in. Just as the seasons change, there ...
Finance Friday

Good financial management and care for the soul

Do you want financial wealth, and to live long enough to enjoy it? Of course, right, but sometimes our poor financial habits go together with our poor health habits. Did you know that investing in your health through financial management ...
Finance Friday
5 Positive Tax Return Actions

Finance Friday: 5 Positive Tax Return Actions

Finance Friday time makes me excited. Right now, it’s tax season. Have you already itemized all of your deductions, received your taxes, or are waiting to receive a tax refund? If you can nod yes to any of those questions ...
Finance Friday
Stop hidden bank fees

Finance Friday: Can You Stop Hidden Fees?

The British regulator is trying to enforce transparency in the banking sector because clients don’t fully comprehend how much they are paying and for what services, says the Telegraph. For instance, American neighborhood bank branches are making more than a ...