A poet, fiction writer, mother of one, and a blogger. She is currently a freelance writer, and she has a master’s degree in professional writing at Towson University. She has studied under writers such as Michael Downs, Merrill Feitell, Valerie Jean, and Geoffrey Becker.
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Resolutions Podcast Episode 1

We’re just about a month into 2019 and new year resolutions aren’t quite a distant memory yet. Our premier episode explores resolutions, dreams, goals and the things that push them forward. Cleverly Cultured Kids (1:40) 11 year old Aamira talks ...
Are Electronics Too Distracting

To Phone or Not to Phone

Recently a study/experiment was released where a researcher sat at a fast food restaurant and observed 55 families with children. Of the 55 families, 40 of those observed had a parent/adult that spent more time on a mobile device than ...